“Post” blockchain potential to attract top Silicon Valley talent in science and technology; bitcoin holders for masochism

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A member of the European Parliament: block chain technology should go beyond the associated with the digital currency used in a broader scope

According to coincryptorama reports, the European Parliament member Eva Kaili of Greece in an interview recently expressed blockchain technical support. She believes that the technology should go beyond the block chain associated with the encrypted currency trading, and to solve the key problems in the political life. In every area, you can see the development of this technology, the present situation of supply chain value may be more. It can also eliminate the friction in the future with the agency’s development direction, so that the people from the financial services should not bear the cost.

The science and Technology Week equity losses over trillion dollars more than the maximum loss of encryption currency

According to newsbtc reports, the top five technology stocks FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amason, Netflix and Google) the market value of this Tuesday from a 52 week high price began to fall, fell more than $1 trillion, more than the entire market the biggest loss since the encrypted value since the highest point in history. According to CoinMarketCap data, since January this year, the market value of encryption currency hit a record high of $813 billion has lost $666 billion.

Block chain is attracting top talent in Silicon Valley high speed

According to CCN reports, AngelList co-founder Naval Ravikant said, now the Silicon Valley block chain to attract top talent in science and technology faster than any period since the Internet boom. There are 7 members of the Facebook, Amazon, apple, Netflix and Google staff fully into the encryption industry. Including Facebook, business and currently serves as senior vice president of corporate development at Ripple Kahina van Dyke, which left the Amazon AWS and Harmony Leo Chen into the Apple Corp and Alok Kothari, from Netflix Labs Ryan Lechner with Consensys, and has been working at Google’s current OKCoin business development director Alex Feinberg.

Australia: the Cong BCH old chain will eventually die and leave space for the new network

According to bitcoinexchangeguide reports, according to Australia (Craig Wright) the Cong said, the new chain will destroy the old chain, because SV can provide better technology, higher ability of hash can be initiated in 51%, the old chain of attacks, the old chain will eventually die and leave space for the new network. However, Roger Ver said BCH ABC will not leave, he believes that the current operator can maintain the network for several months. If he needs to do so, you can choose to maintain ten years. The reality is that the two chains every day in the new mining area, thus increasing the possibility of attacks 51%.

Tom Lee: many factors lead to crypto currency market slump

According to cointelegraph reports, Wall Street analysts, Fundstrat managing partner and director of research Tom Lee pointed out that the bitcoin cash bifurcation in the past few weeks have been a major topic of the war, and the cumulative hash has led to serious market uncertainty. In addition, Lee believes that regulatory pressure played a role in a bearish atmosphere, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission decided for the first time on something that is in fact the issuance of securities to make the punishment 1CO. Another reason for negative emotions is a new report on USDT. In addition, the global pressure also caused a loss, including trade tensions, the central bank to tighten policy, and the British retreat European market led to the decline in liquidity. Lee said that the world market is very fragile, and panic mood is play a disproportionate role. However, bitcoin cases still exist, but in the short term, will still face panic.

Norway cancel the miners electricity subsidy policy sparked controversy

According to Cointelegraph reports, the government of Norway intends to cancel the start of bitcoin miners in January 2019 electricity subsidies. The interests of the industry group ICT made a strong criticism of the government’s actions, chief economist Schjerva Roger of information communication technology said the protest, in consultation with the industry to discuss, or dialogue to change under the legal framework conditions, the government of Norway has been very good in political stability and planning framework conditions aspects of performance, but now the government is gambling with it reputation. In the area when the block chain industry, some people generally agree that the government’s move. Jon Ramvi, chief executive of blockchain Consulting Group Blockchangers said that Norway will reduce the amount of mining to reduce the price of Norway company and staff. He believes that more miners in the bitcoin network, does not mean that the faster or larger. The only function is to further protect the miners more network, BTC network has more than one year are very safe, no need to encourage more miners.

The founder of CoinGeek: SEC is to investigate Kraken

According to bitcoinist reports, the founder of CoinGeek, BCH SV Calvin Ayre Kraken will return the supporters of “BCH” code for its rival BCH ABC’s decision. Ayre said the current prediction is that the ABC chain will collapse, BCH will still be Nakamoto horizonsbeyond (Satoshi Vision), which is the most likely hash result of the war. According to his recent receipt of documents in American criminal department and the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigation to be launched, Kraken also ranked by the survey list. The promise of Ayre will be released next week on charges of alleged market manipulation evidence Kraken.

Doctor Doom: bitcoin holders for masochism

According to bitcoinexchangeguide reported yesterday, traders and analysts Tone Vays encryption tweeted BTC urged investors to persist. Dr. Doom (Nouriel Roubini) responded that does not support Vays, Vays and other holders of advice, and even call them masochism. Vays gives his own have not resigned to playing second fiddle, experience. He said, Dr. doom to how BTC operation assumption is wrong. And Dr. Doom’s different ideas, Vays believes that BTC is not a stock, but a kind of tangible assets. Vays cites the example of the housing crisis. During that time, Vays holding on to his apartment, the final result is very good. For Vays, the BTC is regarded as tradable shares to make money people may leave.

Venezuela to establish a legal framework to promote oil money

According to plenglish reports, the National Council of Venezuela (ANC) to strengthen and promote the legal currency is Petro oil project. Said the business sector plenipotentiary mechanism, diversification and production of the Economic Commission members Gerson Hernandez, the key is to strengthen the legislation on administrative departments to promote recovery, growth and economic prosperity plan. He said, with the national parliament amendments to the anti money laundering law, they announced a legal framework to promote investment in Venezuela, which in turn can legally authorized exchange to carry out foreign exchange business, including oil money.

Comply with the EU data protection law judicial department urged enterprises to use block chain technology

According to Out-law, a member of the European Parliament Committee said that enterprises should not start using block chain technology to the processing of personal data, until they are able to ensure compliance with the EU data protection law. The judicial committee and internal affairs committee (LIBE) said that although the blockchain “represents a new paradigm of data storage and management, to spread the human interaction, market, banking and international trade”, but the use of the technology innovation are possible with the data protection act and the right to privacy.

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