“Post” potential securities times: bitcoin virtual currency speculation plunge exposed Ponzi nature

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Xiao Lei: bitcoin unable with the consensus mechanism of gold par

After each November 27th according to network news, Xiao Lei said, bitcoin in the bear market, the market is still weak, bitcoin itself does not generate a profit, the holder can only look forward to higher prices, so prices will bring a sell-off accelerating effect, the market outlook is not optimistic. Xiao Lei also said that bitcoin’s history is short, need longer time to establish the attribute consensus consensus mechanism with gold thousands of years to form can not be compared.

V God: block chain technology misused “a waste of time”

According to the Cointelegraph report, 11 26, co-founder of V Ethernet Fang God in an interview with Quartz said that some industries misuse of block chain technology leads to a waste of time “”. He believes that although there are a number of companies to establish a higher standard of trying to use the block chain technology, but he does not think the technology is applicable to all industries. V God that encryption currency and cross-border payments is the most suitable technology industry chain block.

Securities Times: bitcoin virtual currency speculation plunge exposed Ponzi nature

Securities newspaper article said, about the collapse of bitcoin virtual currency led, many analysts generally believe that the main or early speculation, bitcoin virtual currency to the top of the bubble. Currently bitcoin in a bear market, not good still can not support the current price. Bitcoin itself is unable to generate revenue, if there is no successor, selling stock market will be a persistent behavior, that is to say bitcoin prices will continue downward, and far in the end. In fact, such as virtual currency bitcoin even bubble is not, because this is just a digital virtual currency code no practical meaning, will not have any real value, investors buy just hope the next offer man will pay a higher cost, the revenue mainly from the sale price, and this is just Ponzi wealth transfer only, because this speculative game need to have unceasingly successor to continue playing, once the collapse of investor confidence stop admission, the game will be difficult to continue, all virtual currency will return to its original value: zero.

British legal experts: crypto currency may not belong to the property

According to the daily mail of London news, Queen’s University Marie (Queen Mary University of London) a research assistant Dave Michels and his team recently completed, England and Welsh court is unlikely to other digital currency bitcoin identified as the property, so bitcoin investors may not actually have the digital currency. Because it is not clear the extent of the legal protection of bitcoin, Michels warned: “the law does not recognize the formless items, which means that the money may not belong to the property of encryption.”

Bitcoin is vulnerable to attack 51%

According to blokt reports, according to India encryption currency exchange ZebPay and the Indian Institutet of Technology (IIT) a research associate professor Saravanan Vijayakumaran, starting from the 51% angles of attack, bitcoin is safe. Because 51% bitcoin network control costs will be very high, even if the control of 51%, the economy will not be what benefits. The study said, in theory, only a large amount of money was prepared to abandon the country may undermine the bitcoin network attack by 51%.

Relying on the world’s second largest hydropower station “the largest bitcoin mine plan by the Paraguay government support

According to the Ethereum World News11 reported on 26 May, the blockchain Technology Foundation recently with the Paraguay government on the establishment of a large mining project — the world’s largest bitcoin mining field and encryption currency exchange completed negotiations. Paraguay vice president Hugo Velazquez Moreno said that the Paraguay government will actively support the blockchain technology foundation “golden goose plan”, and provide tax incentives for encryption currency by constitutional amendment. If the “golden goose plan” to achieve the ultimate, Paraguay’s parliament will through the revision of the constitution, provide tax relief, or even acknowledge the existence of money encryption and legal status, it will be a major breakthrough in the global level of encryption currency.

Lawyer: institutional investors in securities stock BTC

According to CCN news, the government law enforcement and defense lawyer Jake Chervinsky Securities said, although individual or individual investors to sell in the crypto currency trading market, but institutional investors are hoarding. But this statement sparked controversy, Chervinsky explained, professional traders and investors very cautious in the accumulation of new assets, and usually in the short-term trend of prices of assets or money to invest the minimum impact. But CCN this paper points out that, in the case of BTC, because of a lack of liquidity, institutions usually can only rely on Coinbase trust or fidelity trust investment / sale of BTC, because the OTC deals are opaque, it is difficult to confirm institutional asset hoarding BTC encryption currency.

South Africa: South Africa’s tax law amendment will be detrimental to the industry of digital assets

According to bitcoin.com reports, the South African law firm Cox Yeats Attorneys published an article on the proposed tax legislation about crypto currency. The firm believes that in July the Ministry of Finance issued the “tax law amendment” of digital assets industry adversely. The partner Wade Ogilvie said that the income tax law will be defined as “the encryption currency financial instruments”. This will make the encryption currency and loans, debt and ordinary shares belong to the same category. In addition, the amendment also may inhibit financial investment in technology companies in South africa.

Luo Mei: financial institutions attach great importance to how to measure the encrypted currency

According to the center for financial research of digital assets WeChat public news, Tsinghua digital Financial Research Center Director Luo Meicheng on how to measure the encrypted digital currency is the domestic and international securities regulatory authorities, tax and accounting standards institutions attach great importance to the field of the international accounting standards and the accounting measurement of GAAP are not encrypted digital currency and make confirmation separate criteria. The establishment of the new financial reporting standards need accounting standards committee participation, and also need to regulate the securities, is changing the encryption of digital currency and tax code and fusion update.

Slow: EOS DApp by fog rollback attack

According to the information of slow mist, EOS DApp suffered a new rollback attack, a recent on-line games DApp has appeared before the rollback attack. The slow fog security team analysis and reappearance, in this attack, the hackers observed the game generates a random number in the same block bet, and the random number stored in table games, so in the attack in the contract to construct a structure of the same table and the Games table, and specify the scope for the table the game has a cross contract contract, random number table query; to call rollback transaction assertion not winning in the query, so that hackers can win every bet. The attack is a new attack techniques, DApp project should immediately self-examination.

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