“Post” the chairman of the SEC District potential has been determined: bitcoin does not have the attributes of securities

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Twenty-first Century economic report: bitcoin mine risk spread mining company IPO

According to the twenty-first Century economic report, since this year, including the mainland, Chia Nan Yun Chi bit, Tianhe International and a number of block chain tokens mining machine manufacturers are launched in the Hongkong market listing plan; however in bitcoin nearly a year of the bear market, the progress of these three typical mining machine company IPO not smooth. Institute of 21 century capital believes that although many mining company in recent years under the background of ecological active tokens and achieved good earnings growth, but in the face of bitcoin as a representative of the asset price volatility risk of encryption, such enterprises will lead to performance of machine stability makes it hard to keep for a long time, and this kind of enterprises after the listing price valuation it is highly dependent on the mining industry boom encryption assets, the level of acceptance, it will impact the IPO in between institutional investors.

Zhang Yanling, former vice president of China Bank: financial companies use block chain technology should pay attention to the financial risk style

According to the Beijing daily news, held in the day before the “ear cup” 2018 China corporate social responsibility and financial technology forum, former vice president of Bank of China, senior research fellow at the Renmin University of China Chongyang Institute of finance Zhang Yanling pointed out: the core technology to block chain for the science and technology finance company, a lot of innovation platform, supply chain finance, big data to solve etc. But innovation go quickly, did not keep up with the specification. Zhang Yanling, for example, a product advertised as “its own core technology will block chain on the downstream industry account assets to realize the digitalization and credit, so as to realize the digital asset segmentation, transfer and financing”. This one seems to lack the necessary specification.

The global forum will focus on the block chain governance in Metropolis

According to the Guangzhou daily news yesterday, “world mayors forum and the four session of the Guangzhou International City Innovation Award and the 2018 Guangzhou International City Innovation Conference held a press conference at the Chinese people’s Association for friendship with foreign countries. The forum for the global open, inclusive innovation “as the theme, focusing on” blockchain: Governance and management of the city’s metropolitan “bay area city development” and “The Belt and Road and city construction” and “future city culture inheritance and innovation” and “Guangzhou international friendship city conference school forum” and “City and travel” city traffic “green development” and other important issues.

The chairman of the SEC have been identified: bitcoin does not have the attributes of securities, To solve the problem of market manipulation bitcoin ETF approval

According to coindesk news, today at the Consensus Invest conference, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) chairman Jay Clayton said, distributed books with incredible technology in terms of infrastructure prospects, with incredible commitment in the stock market outside. Clayton said: “SEC is the research on how to improve the supervision of the crypto space without losing the absence of investor protection. Like bitcoin multi center assets, no one is to control the bitcoin and create it, it is designed for payment system alternatives, SEC has determined that bitcoin does not have the attributes of securities. SEC is happy to communicate with people in this area. But have to say, if you want to pass the token to provide funds for business, you should first assume you are securities issued.”

For bitcoin ETF, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) chairman Jay Clayton said he was aware of market manipulation and asset custody problems. Clayton said: “the risk of ETF is indeed the underlying asset risk, rather than the risk of theft or loss. How to deal with the problem of market manipulation, I am unable to provide a specific method, but it is necessary to solve the problem before the approval of ETF. Retail investors see the price they should be able to rely on the price, and are not manipulated. Not without fluctuation, but from manipulated.”

Economic Information Daily: block chain financial regulation will upgrade technology

According to the Economic Information Daily reported that a recent series of regulators sound, released to the market of financial supervision will upgrade the technology of signal. On the one hand, science and technology will be more use in the regulation, on the other hand, for a large technology company financial business supervision will be more stringent, and real-time intervention. Insiders said that the financial science and technology has become the key areas of the layout of the financial resources. The application block chain, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence technology, brings new opportunities for financial innovation and the development of new technology, but some distorted, large technology companies risk phenomenon is also a huge challenge to the financial security. The relationship between financial supervision technology needs to balance innovation and risk prevention.

ICE CEO: encryption field needs the participation of government

According to coindesk news, today at the Consensus Invest conference of American Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) CEO and founder Jeffrey Sprecher said, they to the price support bitcoin theory, has done is to achieve transparency and confidence in the development of price discovery system. Sprecher said not to determine whether Bakkt and Coinbase competition”. Sprecher said, the exchange may refer to themselves as exchange, but regulators have a comprehensive view of the exchange, the exchange needs comprehensive coverage of these views, it is difficult to get into the space encryption mechanism. Some extremists and people don’t want to participate in the government, but without the participation of the government, encryption market decisions are made by the influential and wealthy oligarchs. The current encryption in the field of democracy is owned by most people, is the richest person in control. Sprecher believes that in the long run, encryption space can be a kind of governance organization form. Bitcoin now lives in a swamp.

Japan’s financial services agency data summarized encryption currency settlement and investment regulatory measures

Japan’s 10 encryption currency exchange seminar materials and summarizes the encrypted currency settlement and investment regulatory measures. For the encryption of currency exchange, the issuer does not exist to prohibit the encryption, or currency issuer has no liability of encryption currency; for publishers, and there will be liable for the debts of the encrypted currency exchange both need to provide the following information to the user, 1, publisher, publisher of information encryption currency holders of debt, calculated on the basis of the issue price, 2, publisher of the production business plan, business implementation possibility, business process. Toencryption currency investment regulation, will refer to the existing financial supervision measures.

Civic CEO: if encryption market volatility continues to increase, investors to avoid investment

According to CCN reports, according to Civic CEO Vinny Lingham said, encryption market and bitcoin will stand at least three to six months of the bearish trend. Lingham believes that bitcoin maintain at least three to six months between 3000 to 5000 U.S. dollars. Has yet to break through the $3000 support level, there will be a lot of buying short-term. If the encryption of money market the next two quarters is not restored, then the support of $3000 may be a breakthrough, but the downward trend is likely to continue until the end of next year. Lingham pointed out that if the volatility of the encryption currency market continues to increase, even if the infrastructure has to strengthen and consolidate, institutional investors will also avoid investing in the asset class. Lingham explained that bitcoin in the past two weeks fell more than 35%, scare retail and institutional investors.

Wang Jiangping, Vice Minister of the Ministry of small and medium enterprises to improve the ability to adapt to the market using the block chain technology

According to chinanews.com news China Wang Jiangping, Vice Minister of industry and information technology in the 2018APEC SME business forum said that the current Chinese is to encounter difficulties in the development of small and medium enterprises, adhere to improve the fair competition market environment, solve the financing difficulties of financing expensive, small and medium-sized enterprises to improve and enhance the level and professional ability of small and medium sized enterprises service effectiveness. At the same time, the use of the Internet “empowerment” role, make full use of big data, artificial intelligence, block chain technology, small and medium enterprises to improve the ability to adapt to the market.

Overstock founder: block chain will change the world

According to CCN reports, Overstock founder and CEO Patrick Byrne 11 November 26 Fox Business in an interview that the block chain is more important than the Internet revolution, is a disruptive technology that will change the world. Byrne said, 2019 will be the block chain industry pioneering a year. 2019 years, people will see the blockchain really began to launch products to the world, people will be able to trade securities token. When asked why security token is better than that of Byrne securities, said security token will cost 90% lower friction, for regulators is completely transparent, and free market manipulation. Byrne previously announced the sale of Overstock in February next year the entire e-commerce business, and to block chain business.

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