President of El Salvador: bought 150 bitcoin on bargain

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MicroStrategy purchased more than 7000 BTCs again, and now owns more than 120000 BTCs
MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor announced on November 29 that MicroStrategy purchased 7002 BTCs for about $414.4 million in cash, with a price of $59187. As of November 29, 2021, MicroStrategy has 121044 BTCs with a total value of US $3.57 billion, with an average price of US $9534 per BTC.
India’s finance minister: did not agree with BTC’s proposal to become a currency Lender
On November 29, India’s finance minister said that government departments did not agree with BTC’s proposal to become a currency loan and did not collect data on virtual currency transactions.
Willy Woo: BTC is likely to repair the bull market in the next few days
On November 30, Willy woo, an investment analyst on the chain, said that BTC should quickly complete the adjustment before a new round of price increases would be triggered. According to his detailed introduction, BTC has been buying and selling within the cumulative scope, and it seems that it is not ready to cause a large-scale increase at this stage. Willy woo said it is likely that BTC will not be able to repair the bull market until the next few days, based on the derivative data.
Gray scale: the SEC has repeatedly rejected spot trading. Btcetf is likely to violate the administrative procedure law
According to the golden financial report, in foreign countries, the Stock Exchange Association (SEC) recently rejected virtual currency exchange After buying and selling stock funds, the gray scale has refuted the regulator’s arguments. The gray level wrote to the SEC, claiming that the group wanted to allow commodities traded under futures to be traded on spot, and that commodities were “arbitrary and volatile,” and that the SEC’s repeated rejections were likely to violate the Administrative Procedures Act (APA). It is understood that APA management method is the whole process of management decision-making of the federal government organization. “Bitcoin futures ETPs registered under the 1940 amendment and spot trading btcetp that are not or are not qualified to apply for registration are consistent at all relevant levels, but according to the analysis of the prohibition order of November 12, 2021, the SEC’s solution to them is not the same,” gray level said in the letter.
Fidelity announced it will release btcetf in Australia
According to information on December 1, Fidelity Investment, a fund management company, has been approved by the Australian regulatory agency and will release btcetf for spot trading in Australia. And recent reports have shown that the company has inadvertently waited for the decision of the British Stock Exchange Association (SEC) to allow the btcetf to open spot trading in its home country. It is understood that the ETF is fidelity advantage bitcoin ETF, and the entity BTC will be obtained immediately. At this stage, fidelity investment manages about $420 million in assets.
Square payment uses cashapp to announce compatible btctaporoot update
On December 1, according to an official announcement, square announced that cashapp, the group’s payment application, was updated to be compatible with btctaporoot, and mobile client customers could send BTC to the wallet applicable to taproot.

Glassnode: BTC’s long-term holders have gradually sold 150000 BTCs in the past month
According to the golden financial report, according to the new analysis data of the blockchain technology analysis enterprise glassnode, in the past month, the long-term holders of BTC have had an effective continuous sales rate. From the highest value of 13.5 million BTCs, long-term holders have already sold (assumed to sell) 150000 BTCs, equivalent to about 5.8% of the number accumulated since March 2021. In addition, from the bottom point of the sales market in September, the profit share of long-term BTC holders is also increasing. The ratio of the supply of profitable long-term holders to the supply of commodity circulation increased from 72.3% to 75.8%, while the proportion of floating loss decreased from 9.65% to 5.80%.
SEC’s current Chairman: BTC is the U.S. banking system software and worldwide recognized competitors
During the 2021 DACOM summit held on Wednesday, foreign local time, Gary Gensler, the current chairman of the UK Stock Exchange Association, and Jay Clayton, former chairman, had a conversation on BTC, digital currency, digital currency, ETF and blockchain technology finance. Gary Gensler is looking forward to drawing a line between BTC and digital currency, and showing that digital currency is a competitor to US banking system software and worldwide recognition. When referring to digital currency, Gary Gensler indicated that in his view, digital currency has existed for a long time and can be fully developed without blockchain technology. He still compares the definitions of US dollar and virtual currency, and is committed to eliminating the differences between them “The U.S. dollar, European currency, Japanese currency and most of their listed companies are all intelligent. You trade data stocks and data country bonds. There will be no more real financial liabilities. I tend to call this kind of digital currency.”
Coindesk: Goldman Sachs is considering taking BTC as collateral for borrowing
On December 3, coindesk quoted three insiders as saying that British financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs have scientifically accepted BTC as a pledge to give cash loans to organizations. This kind of financial institution has considered “imitating the tripartite subscription allocation” to prevent itself from touching BTC, but it can also make loans accordingly. Insiders say this is an opportunity to lay the foundation for a more integrated digital currency master dealer business process in the future. Goldman Sachs has applied to distribute such loans, an insider said; If they are looking for a settlement agent, they will only distribute loan guarantees, and their balance sheet will not easily involve BTC. Coinbase and fidelity digital currency are likely trustees, the report said. Goldman Sachs declined to comment.
Michael Saylor: BTC is a global reserve
According to the golden financial report, Michael Saylor, the founder of the billionaire, said in an interview on Wednesday that BTC is a global reserve property, but it is not suitable to buy a cup of coffee. Digital currency is the global reserve property, while the RMB is the world currency. This is also a key difference between the two. From a regulatory perspective, treating BTC as a property rather than a currency will also make daily life easier. All of these policies and regulations are actually policies and regulations that restrict you to use digital currency as a loan currency rather than an asset. Saylor also mentioned the current inflation problem in the host country, saying that BTC will give appropriate inflation hedging transactions. So if you have BTC, you don’t have to sell it.
Strategic cooperation between grubhub, an online food delivery platform in the United States, and lolli, a BTC reward enterprise
On December 3, grubhub, an online food delivery platform, cooperates with lolli, a BTC reward enterprise, to allow its customers to obtain BTC (BTC) from each order information. In Wednesday’s announcement, lolli said grubhub customers will receive a $5 BTC for their first order information, and a $1 BTC for subsequent order information. Customers must call lolli on the Internet or mobile device before grubhub places order information.
Chairman of the Federal Reserve in Europe: BTC is a foreign exchange speculative property with high aspect ratio
On December 3, the European Federal Reserve Chairman Nazar indicated that BTC is a kind of high width ratio foreign exchange speculative property. If some people are ready to lose everything, they can invest in bitcoin.
The current chairman of the US SEC strictly implements his concerns about spot trading btcetf
In response to pat Toomey’s question from Pat Toomey, the largest member of the Senate Federation of financial institutions, Gary Gensler, the current chairman of the United Kingdom Stock Exchange Association (SEC), strictly followed his concerns about the lack of control over BTC and the probability of fraud and control. He showed that even if non UK regulators allowed spot trading of btcetf, the SEC’s decision would not be compromised. Gensler said in a note to Congress last week: “Today, most of BTC’s own sales market will not be regulated. The lack of control and supervision has caused people to worry about the probability of fraud and control. Our employees seek to learn from other people’s work experience, and their behaviors under the jurisdiction of other judicial departments are not bound by the British regulatory authorities. Our employees will once again comply with the applicable laws and regulations of the federal government securities law Sequence flow. “
The governor of Miami is looking to expand the use of digital currency in all big cities, where households will be able to pay for expenses and taxes with BTC
On December 4, Miami governor Francis Suarez has sought to expand the use of digital currency in all major cities. Francis Suarez said households would be able to pay expenses and taxes with BTC, and many employees would be paid in cryptocurrency. In order to live and prosper, all big cities must develop learning organization economy.
US president of El Salvador: bought 150 BTCs on bargain
On December 4, the US president of El Salvador, nayib bukele, wrote on social media that El Salvador had bought 150 BTCs on a bargain, with an average price of $48670.
Sun Yuchen bought 50 BTCs again
According to the golden financial report, sun Yuchen responded in a tweet to the US president of El Salvador that he had once again bought 50 BTCs at an average price of US $47250. According to previous reports, sun Yuchen tweeted that in response to the US president’s practice in El Salvador, he had just bought 100 BTCs at an average price of US $47627.03. The U.S. president of El Salvador commented on Sun Yuchen’s Twitter that you must purchase another 50 BTCs to match. Just a few million dollars left. Come on!
Laurent kssi, executive director of CEC assets: more than 4000 BTCs were sold, resulting in a sudden collapse in the sales market
According to information on December 4, Laurent kssi, executive director of CEC assets: according to the information at this stage, more than 4000 BTCs have been sold, resulting in a sudden collapse in the sales market. Within one minute of the crash, 1500 BTCs will be sold.

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