Primas for the unique value of intellectual property protection

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nA New Era of Intellectual Property Protectionn
nIntellectual property refers to the exclusive right or exclusive right of the intellectual property enjoyed by the exclusive right of the intellectual property enjoyed by the people in accordance with the law, including copyright, patent right and trademark right. In the era of knowledge-paid economy, the importance of intellectual property protection is self-evident. With the increasing emphasis on the protection of intellectual property rights in China, the concept of intellectual property is becoming more and more popular, and the relevant laws and regulations have been improved.n
nRecently, at the 16th meeting of the Central Finance Leading Group, Comrade Xi Jinping pointed out:n
nn”Intellectual property protection, especially intellectual property protection is an important aspect of shaping a good business environment.To improve the relevant laws and regulations on the protection of intellectual property rights, improve the quality of IPR review and review the efficiency.To accelerate the construction of new areas and formats of intellectual property protection system. Infringement of intellectual property infringement, so that the infringer to pay a heavy price.To mobilize the intellectual property rights of natural and legal persons of the initiative and initiative to enhance the sense of property rights, consciously use legal weapons in accordance with the law.n
nnStrengthening the protection of intellectual property rights is not only the need for the healthy development of cultural industries, but also the need for the construction of socialist spiritual civilization. When the creator of intellectual property is protected, it can have more income, so it will produce more power to continue to create new products, and thus make our cultural cause more prosperous. At the same time, by strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights, to the general public awareness of intellectual property rights, help to enhance the social civilization.n
nAt present, China’s cultural industry, especially the Internet-based cultural industry is very prosperous, but the corresponding intellectual property protection technology has not kept up. Protector wants to rights usually need to go through a complex process, technically there are difficulties.n
nSo, is there a technology that makes copyright protection more convenient and efficient?n
nFrom this point of view, the block chain is a suitable choice, its not tamper with the characteristics of copyright information can be used to achieve the certificate and traceability. The introduction of this technology can not only safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the original, but also can enhance the efficiency of the operation of the intellectual property services, from the right to use, rights, rights protection three links to solve the problem of long and complicated industrial chain.n
nThe application of the block chainn
nIn the block chain, once the record is completed, it will always exist and can not be changed, so that it can provide proof of intellectual property protection. Through a completely automatic way, so that everyone can be arbitrary data on the rapid registration and filing. In addition, the block chain can also record all the changes in a work process, to ensure the value of digital content transfer process credible, auditable and transparent.n
nAt present, the practice of building block chain technology to the protection of intellectual property has already begun, many teams such as Monegraph, Colu, originally, Blockai and other entrepreneurial team has released a chain-based chain of intellectual property protection products.n
nMonegraph is a new platform for digital art and media using block-chain technology. On this platform, artists can create menu options for sale, licensing, reselling, and multiple mixed rights and allow them to set prices freely when calculating, and it is easy for all types of creators to build intelligence for the commercial value of their digital work Contract and license.n
nBlockai is a method of negotiating a special currency transaction (block chain) to help artists, photographers and other art workers register copyright on the chain chain to prevent infringement. Only need a simple operation to register the work, you can get on the Blockai platform corresponding to the copyright certificate, with a permanent timestamp to prove the creation time.n
nOriginally a block chain original protection and self-service trading platform. By permanently verifying the encryption of the work and copyright information on the block chain, it is possible to provide a one-stop service for the free and reliable copyright certification of the work, the notarization of the line and the service of the law firm.n
nPrimas’ unique valuen
nThe original team’s new Primas is an open source content release, recommendation and trading ecosphere.n
nPrior to the release of the project, the Primas team had succeeded in cutting out the original market segment with block-chain technology, and the Primas team realized that only one of the chain-based services platform for business customers, such as business and media, The team’s strength is hard to drive change across the industry, so they want to benefit the entire content industry by creating a completely independent, open source content platform.n
nAccording to the original block chain CTO mannose introduced,n
nnThrough the use of block chain “distributed, open and transparent, can not be changed” and other technical characteristics, in the trading platform to achieve ownership of the transaction and circulation, record relevant information and be protected, thereby improving the efficiency of digital content circulation, reduce the cost of circulation. Expand the circulation of the issue, an effective solution to the existence of digital content distribution platform is difficult, piracy serious, poor openness, low transaction efficiency and many other issues.n
nnPrimas DNA ensures that the content can be traced back to the source even if it is partially tampered with; the smart contract implements automated authorization without human intervention; the presence proof based on the block chain technology also significantly reduces the cost of evidence collection.n

nPrimas DNA is the author’s original evidence, DNA and author key combination, to prove the author’s ownership of the content. DNA and block chain data combined to prove that the content of the release time earlier than the infringement reproduced. Neither of them can be tampered with, to complete the author of its creative content of the original proof.n
nThe original block chain CEO Wu Peng said,n
nn”Primas DNA is a decentralized source of traceability. No matter how many times the content has been reproduced, is reproduced to any place, see the content of the people can restore the entire process through the DNA path, see the original content of the authorization, and Get a new reprint license. “n
nnIn addition, Primas implements the first de-centered reptile system on the block chain. Unlike traditional crawler systems, anyone can participate and become a node of the Primas reptile system. The addition of a large number of reptile nodes can enhance the efficiency of the reptile system, quickly find the entire network of reproduced data, and reptile nodes can get the system reward The The reptile system, along with Primas DNA, provides an unprecedented copyright protection capability for the original owner of the community, while providing content to the reader, content assurance, and certain true and false information recognition.n

nIn the content similarity detection, Hawkeye uses natural language processing (NLP) technology, even if the content has been modified, expanded, deleted and adjusted the order of paragraphs, through the text similarity contrast, Hawkeye can still find these modified Reprinted.n
nIt can be seen that, through the use of block-chain technology, Primas provides a safe and efficient platform for the original intellectual property protection, not only improving the efficiency of the IP services industry, but also benefiting the entire content industry.n

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