Privacy era, to challenge the traditional cloud storage – Genaro to the central storage network

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nNetwork messy – from melee to closing tiden
nThe past three years, China’s rapid development of cloud services market, compound annual growth rate of more than 32%. In 2016, China’s cloud services market reached 51.66 billion US dollars. In 2016, the Internet industry used the highest frequency of cloud services. The five industries that use cloud services are games, e-commerce, finance, video and mobile telephony. In 2017, China’s cloud services market share is expected to more than 69 billion US dollars.n
nHowever, behind the vigorous development of the cloud services market, there are some shadows.n
nOctober 20, 2016, 360 cloud disk announcement, announced the service transformation, decided to stop the personal cloud service, from now until February 1, 2021 members refund, February 1, 2021 from the closure of all the clouds Disk account and empty data. At this point, began in early 2016 the domestic enterprise network disk business to close the peak to reach the peak.n
nLast year in March, Alibaba’s UC network disk announcement that UC disk announced that it will terminate the storage service, stop UC network disk upload service / offline resources to the network function / video transcoding services. April 2, Tencent micro-cloud announced that it will be held on May 27, 2016 24:00 off the cloud “file transfer station” feature to remind users to file backup. April 25, Sina micro disk to stop ordinary user storage services and so on.n
nReview of the development process of the domestic cloud industry, since the beginning of development in 2009, by 2012, each network disk have emerged, open the credit competition model, and then to 2016 have been closed, in addition to policy reasons, more importantly, can not be sustained Effectively profitable. Network industry itself has a high cost, high input characteristics, and in the initial competition in the melee, the major manufacturers regardless of the cost of the introduction of large capacity free network disk, resulting in the market from the beginning is not perfect.n
nAlthough the personal cloud business in 2016 encountered a greater setback, but from another point of view, this phenomenon also accelerated the upgrading of the entire industry, and for the development of the industry to provide new opportunities. From the needs of personal cloud storage point of view, users will only more and more, the future market space is still great.n
nWhy block technology?n
nAt present, in the domestic large cloud service providers, only Baidu network disk is still providing personal cloud business. In recent days, Baidu has also been the media pointed out that “in the sharing of documents, if you do not set the extraction code, but open sharing links, the file will be third-party network search crawl.” Visible, not only the profit problem, Disk security issues still exist.n
nTherefore, after bid farewell to the initial stage of the disorderly competition, the network disk service providers in the fierce competition in the market to win, you need to plan a more diverse development direction, and actively adopt new technologies to effectively solve the security issues , To provide users with more quality and personalized service. In this era of consumer upgrades, the concept of paid access to services is more common. Although the payment is conducive to the healthy development of enterprises and industries, but the traditional central network disk also has a higher cost problem.n
nRely on the existing technology, whether it can reduce costs at the same time, to provide users with a stable and reliable cloud disk?n
nTo solve this problem, based on the block chain technology Genaro will be a good choice.n
nThe decentralized nature of the block chain allows developers to store data securely, permanently, and at low cost, and to distribute the records on many nodes. In terms of security, the block-chain scheme means that the decomposed files are encrypted with a personal key, scattered throughout the network until they need to be used again. And the entire file recovery process is encrypted, file reorganization is also quickly and seamlessly. It can be said that the emergence of block chain technology in a timely manner to meet the needs of the market, but also contribute to the healthy development of cloud services industry.n
nGenaro’s Centralized Storage Networkn
nGenaro is a block-based chain of storage technology, which is also called “storage block chain.”n
nIt is understood that,n
nnThe Genaro project aims to build a reliable, decentralized storage network based on block-chain technology, allowing users to use Genaro as a highly efficient and economical private cloud storage path.n
nnTo meet the user’s habit of using cloud storage, Genaro offers a variety of features like upload, download, and online editing of documents and interface connections.n

nCompared to central servers, the Genaro network is a more secure, efficient and economical permanent storage space.n
nIn terms of privacy concerns, Genaro can store all the data, such as photos, audio, documents, and so on, based on a de-centric network rather than a centralized server. When the data is split, encrypted, and randomly assigned to different nodes for multiple backups, no user’s private secret key can anyone read or rewrite the data. At the same time, the user can also set the segmentation accuracy according to the required security level.n

nWith regard to storage efficiency, Genaro stores data on multiple nodes in a block chain rather than a single node. This ensures that the data can be retrieved at any time and the data is not lost. In addition, Genaro will try to find the nearest node from the user to store the data. Compared to the remote processor from the remote, you can more efficient access to data.n

nIn terms of price, Genaro is much cheaper than the use of cloud service companies like Google Drive, Dropbox, Ali Cloud. This is because Genaro has pioneered a fully competitive storage market and frees up unused storage space, unlike the fact that centralized storage companies have to host many centralized processors themselves.n
nTeam for the Genaro project GenaroLtd was founded in Singapore and is a nonprofit fund.n
nIt is reported that Genaro international team members mainly from the United States Silicon Valley and Shanghai, China, consultants have a strong financial, technological and business background. Genaro has invested in a number of venture capital funds, including China’s largest block chain fund distributed capital Pre ICO investment.n
nTo learn more about Genaro, please click the link

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