Professor of cryptography at Stanford University publishes free encrypted currency courses

nnnIn recent days, Dr. Stanford University, a professor of encryption recently published free of its speech materials, which for encrypted currency enthusiasts is undoubtedly a good news. At the same time, many American universities have opened a chain-chain course to help those who want to explore the future use of the block chain to understand the technology.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nA professor of cryptography at Stanford University has recently published his presentation material for free, which is good news for those who are particularly interested in wanting to further explore the encrypted currency.n
nThese presentation materials are currently available online and include a complete course of “CS 251: Bit Coin and Encrypted Currency”.n
nThe material contains a complete course outline and an overview, and according to its description:n
nn”This course covers all aspects of encrypted money, including distributed consensus, block chains, smart contracts and applications, and we will focus on Bitcoin and the Ether Square and use it as a case study.”n
nnProf. Dan Boneh, a professor at Stanford University, was born in Israel in 1969 and received his Ph.D. in computer science from Princeton University in 1996.n
nHe and Matt Franklin from the University of California, is a major contributor to the development of paired cryptography through Weil Pairing.n
nHe joined Stanford University in 1997 and became a professor of computer science and electrical engineering.n
nFor those who want to explore the future use of the block chain, there are already many American universities to open a block chain course.n

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