Putin Internet Consultant Announces Establishment of Russian Chain Chain Association

nnnRecently, the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Internet consultant announced the creation of the Chain Chain Association, the joint block chain technology market participants, including miners, including encrypted money holders, and the money into the block chain and encrypted money items Of the investors and is intended to provide “priority conditions” for the participants of the association. But this move is in contradiction to the recent Russian domestic regulatory and contradictory regulatory procedures for encrypted money. At the same time, Russian lawmakers and local authorities have two very different attitudes towards encrypted currencies such as Bitcoin.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nRussian President Vladimir Putin’s Internet consultant announced the creation of a chain chain association that would give its participants “priority to favorable conditions”.n
nHerman Klimenko said that the Russian chain chain and the encrypted currency association (RABIK) would be “born in the next two weeks” at a meeting of DeCenter, a local encrypted currency news portal.n
n”The new organization will combine the participants in the chain – block technology market, the encrypted moneyowners, including miners, and investors who will invest in the chain and encrypted money projects,” he commented.n
nContradictory processn
nAt present, Russia is on the encrypted currency complex and contradictory regulatory procedures.n
nAlthough the government is actively competing with China for the position of Bitcoar’s hegemon, but its Deputy Minister of Finance, Dmitry Moiseev, said he plans to ban the sale of encrypted currency to the public this week.n
nHe added that the encrypted currency belongs to a “pyramid-style marketing scam”, which is “no arguments”.n
nHowever, the newly formed association challenged Moiseev’s view that only “qualified” individuals could access encrypted assets.n
n”The association does not hold the same position and believes that the dialogue should be discussed with the regulator,” said Vladislav Obushinsky, a spokeswoman for the association, in a letter to Cointelegraph.n
nKlimenko confirmed: “For the participants will give a variety of different priorities.”n
nn”This includes the equipment manufacturers used to create encrypted currencies, the option to provide technology prior to the launch of potential consumers, and the opportunity to participate in major national events.”n
nRussian legislators on both sides of the attituden
nKlimenko has recently received headlines for his comments on Russia’s recent attacks on WannaCry cyber attacks and other Bitcoin viruses.n
nIn an interview with the local media in July, he said he thought that 30% of the country’s equipment had been infected with a malware virus like a bit coin.n
nHe added that he suspects that the creators of the global WannaCry attacks are “children” because they collect relatively small amounts of bitcoats.n
nNot just Moscow, the local authorities for the attitude of Bitcoin also presents two very different views. A court in St. Petersburg, Russia’s second-largest city, recently banned the release of information related to virtual currency, and just a few months ago, the city had just successfully deployed several Bitcoin and cottage ATMs.n
nBut the ATM machine since then disappeared, and its owner Bitlish refused to comment on its reasons.n

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