Putin’s support of the political group to promote the “green” encryption currency concept

nnnRussia’s President Vladimir Putin’s political group “All-Russian People’s Front” announced the use of encrypted money to support environmental protection. And hope to enter the Russian government to carry out the supervision of encrypted currency transactions and related policies and regulations. Although there are some voices in Russia against the encrypted currency, but Putin advisers are also planning to carry out encryption money mining company ICO financing.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nRussian President Vladimir Putin’s support for political groups has announced support for environmentally friendly encrypted money programs.n
nAll-Russia People’s Front is often called ONF, founded in 2011, recently organized an environment-themed meeting. It was at the meeting to determine the use of encrypted money for environmental protection business plan.n
nOne of the leaders of ONF Dmitry Mironov said:n
nn”We hope that investors and enterprises to obtain the encrypted currency can be used for environmental technology.In our proposal, we will put forward the vision of domestic environmental protection and currency development, we hope that the ONF project can be part of the bill drafted by the government.”n
nnThe background of the proposal is that the Russian government is negotiating new regulatory rules for encrypted currency transactions. Last week the state Duma a senior official said that after years of effort, the legislative work will end in the fall.n
nIt is not clear whether the proposal will be subject to government permission.n
nRussian officials, including the Russian central bank, recently issued a warning of encrypted money, while Putin’s advisers tried to raise $ 100 million through ICO to support the new encrypted currency mining company.n

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