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Novel: you are my gravitation

Author: Shen Rui

Protagonist: Qin se, Gu Jingyuan

Type: Modern Romance

Introduction: before, she avoided Gu Jingyuan. Later, he asked, “wealth, power, whatever you want, I can give you, as long as you marry me, would you like to?” She nodded wildly: “yes, would you like to go to get the certificate now?” Put so high-quality men do not want to themselves, is it still waiting for others to rob? After marriage, Gu Jingyuan’s life is to help his wife abuse dregs, abuse dogs, and show love with his wife all over the sky In front of people, he is the most popular male and female god of abstinence in Kyoto. After the person, only Qin se knows that this man is gold and jade outside, the abdomen is black among them

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Chapter one

Qin se: I’ve been married for two years and I’ve never been in the same bed. Since the day she saw her husband cheating on another person, she’s been thinking about how to kill the two dogs. Until she meets Gu Jingyuan, she decides that she wants to call her aunt more than a dirty man’s wife!

Through the crack of the door, Qinse listened calmly and quietly.

Married for two years, her husband never touched her.

He said he was cautious about the relationship and he wasn’t ready.

The funny thing is, now, he’s inside, lying in the same bed with another man.

Qin se suddenly felt sick and convulsed in her stomach.

No wonder Shen Rui never touches her. It’s strange to see her every day. It turns out that he doesn’t like women at all. She’s just his cover.

With her, no one doubts him, and he doesn’t have to face the doubts of his parents every day.

But what about her?

Marriage, other people’s marriage is happiness, but here she has become a grave.

If it wasn’t for the mysterious package, Qin se would never know that he was living in such a dirty marriage.

Qin SE’s good friend told her that she had been preparing for two years with your beautiful wife, either sick or just a *!

Qin se was really surprised that she claimed to be smart, but she was cheated for so long.

If you cheat, you will cheat, but the object of TM’s cheating

Qinse felt that her beautiful face was beaten and swollen.

Heart rolling with hate, Qin SE’s hand steadily raised the mobile phone, turned on the camera, and photographed the disgusting picture inside.

She couldn’t rush in. She had to calm down at this time. If two people inside were angry, they didn’t know what they would do.

Marriage, must leave, but she should get things, not less.

Qinse didn’t expect that one day he would be able to analyze the situation calmly and make the most correct choice.

After taking the photos, she left quietly without disturbing the dogs from the beginning to the end.

Just out of the hotel room, the mute mobile phone screen lights up again, and the words “mother-in-law” flicker silently.

As soon as the phone went through, a shrill voice of abuse came from the other end of the phone.

“It turns out that you are not dead yet. You dare not answer my phone. A hen who can’t lay eggs, but whose grandson has not been born to my mother, is getting bigger and bigger. If you can’t give birth, give up your seat to a woman who can give birth and get rid of me as soon as possible…”

The voice of calling and swearing in the ear continues. Her mother-in-law is not happy with Qin se. In addition, she has not been pregnant for two years, and her attitude is getting worse and worse.

Qin se has mentioned with Shen Rui many times, but he has perfunctory past for various reasons, and she is also ashamed to talk about her mother-in-law. They have never had sex.

Listening to her mother-in-law’s curse, and thinking of the scene just seen, Qin SE’s teeth are going to be broken, her fist clenched, her back of her hand is bulging.

Want grandchildren?

Oh, for her son’s kind of goods, their Shen family is afraid to have no children in their life.

Qin se was about to talk when he saw a tall man in front of him.

At that moment, an extremely evil idea suddenly appeared in Qinse’s mind, and it was more and more enlarged. She put down her mobile phone and cut off her mother-in-law’s phone for the first time. Her lips showed a grim smile: “don’t you want grandsons? OK, I’ll give you one. “

Shen Rui gives her a green hat.

Then she’ll plant him a piece of green grass.

Shen Rui is nothing.

Cheating, who won’t!

Green hat son, she can only weave better than Shen Rui.


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Chapter two

Qin took a deep breath and lifted her hair behind her back. As she passed by, she suddenly sprained and fell towards Gu Jingyuan, who was surrounded in the middle.

A pair of powerful hands hold Qin se steadily.

Qin se quickly raised her head and bumped into Gu Jingyuan’s eyes. Her eyes were as cold as three feet of ice, but as deep as the scorching summer sun.

After she was stunned, she pretended to be surprised, opened Zhang Yinghong’s lips, and said timidly, “thank you… Gu… My uncle… Uncle…”

At that moment, Qinse’s heart almost stopped beating.

Gu Jingyuan, a cousin of the Shen family, is a man who can’t be seen on tiptoe. He is a weathervane in the circle of power in Kyoto. He is a legendary figure.

He has sharp eyebrows and sharp eyes. His facial features are as sharp as sculptures. He is so beautiful that he can’t even breathe at first sight. If you use the appearance to divide the attack power, Gu Jingyuan is obviously the one who explodes his watch.

He has a pair of long and thin single eyelid eyes, such as cold stars, when he does not smile, when he laughs, he makes people shudder.

His lips are thin and red, and his skin is pale. He is cold and lonely. He is aloof and indifferent.

He is thin and tall. If you look at him, you have to look up.

According to the number of people who have been abducted for 300 Li, she should call her uncle Gu Jingyuan.

Wang Qiuxia shows off almost everyone, saying that Gu Jingyuan is her cousin

In fact, people don’t even know who she is.

Before, Qin se only saw Gu Jingyuan twice far away from the crowd.

Today, Gu Jingyuan is Qin SE’s target. She has been cheated as a fool in the Shen family for two years. She must take revenge.

Gu Jingyuan was stunned by the name of “Uncle” for a second. Then he released Qin SE’s arm and prepared to leave without expression.

“Uncle, I sprained my ankle and it hurt… Could you take me to the hospital?” Qin se looks delicate and pure. Her friends often say that she has a white lotus face. When she is pitiful, she can melt the hard hearted people.

Gu Jingyuan has a flash of interest in his eyes. He can see through his poor acting skills at a glance

His eyes are light and amber. When he stares at a person, he wants to condense the other person’s figure into an entity in his eyes and imprison him as if he could not move.

Qin se felt so hard to struggle at the moment.

She frowned and pretended to be in pain. She trembled and called softly: “Uncle…”

Qin se thought Gu Jingyuan would refuse, but unexpectedly, the next second, Qin se body suddenly empty, she was stunned, until Gu Jingyuan put her into the car, she did not return to God.

Gu Jingyuan, unexpectedly — hold her!

My God?

Although the beginning is good, but this way to the hospital, Gu Jingyuan did not say a word, quietly sat beside her, and her arm’s length away.

Qin se is worried. The other party doesn’t accept the move at all. How can she start?

Suddenly, the car dodged a retrograde car in front of her and suddenly turned to the right. Qin SE’s body shook and just fell into Gu Jingyuan’s arms. She was very happy and had a chance.

Gu Jingyuan holds Qin se politely, and then he wants to release it. He doesn’t mean to take advantage of him at all. He is a model of a gentleman.

But Qin se seemed to have no bones and stuck to him. She leaned close to his ear and whispered, “uncle, in fact, my feet don’t hurt, just… My heart hurts… Just feel it for me…”

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Chapter three

Qinse never thought that one day she would be so bold. She swore that she was a very conservative and introverted girl.

Then, a sink on the body, Gu Jingyuan’s voice in the top of the head cool ring: “Mo Guo, not go down.”

Qin se… I really want to scold MMP

Have said so clearly, Gu Jingyuan unexpectedly not moved?

Is it true that the good-looking men go to their boyfriends, as the microblog said.

Qin se cried, is her luck so bad? Two gay in succession?

Qin se slowly released Gu Jingyuan and asked carefully, “uncle, do you… Like men?”

After that, Qin se regretted. At that time, her whole body was cold. The look in Gu Jingyuan’s eyes made her feel that she was about to die soon.

It’s like a rabbit walking in the wilderness, running to ask a tiger: Hello, tiger, I guess you dare not swallow me.

This is the rhythm of toto’s death.

Without waiting for Qin se to explain, Gu Jingyuan suddenly said, “stop.”

When the car stopped, he said, “go down…”

Qin se thought at that time, it’s over, the plan didn’t work, and she was driven out of the car. What a shame!

Just as she was about to go to hell, the driver suddenly went down.

Then, Gu Jingyuan got out of the car and slammed the door. Qin se was shaking.

Gu Jingyuan got out of the car and got into the driver’s seat. The car rushed out of the car at an amazing speed. Qin se was staggering in the back seat and hit the window glass several times.

She exclaimed, “uncle, it doesn’t matter if you are a comrade. Everyone has the right to pursue love. Life is really precious…”

Qin se is afraid in her heart. She still has a big revenge and hasn’t killed the dog man. She doesn’t want to hang up like this.

But the response to her was faster.

After a while, the car stopped and the dizzy Qin se, who was bumped in the car, was taken out and returned to the hotel where she left.

Qin se wants to revenge herself. It’s not wrong. She wants to plant some grass on the top of Shen Rui’s son of a bitch. That’s right

However, at that time, her brain was hot, and she didn’t expect that Gu Jingyuan had no bottom line.

Gu Jingyuan’s appearance is not in line with the legend at all. Is it a good kaolin flower? What’s the unkind thing to say?

It’s all bullshit!

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Chapter four

Although the process is still very beautiful, but also really regret

Gu Jingyuan is totally different from the rumored ascetic male god. Is it the opposite?

The rumor is unbelievable.

Believe it, it will kill people!

Qin se closed his eyes and pretended to be dead, but cocked up his ears and waited for an opportunity to leave.

But, wait and wait, Gu Jingyuan didn’t move. Qin se, with her eyes closed, always had the feeling that a tiger was staring at her behind her, which made her cold and afraid to move.

Fortunately, Gu Jingyuan got up and went to wash his hands.

Qin se immediately opened her eyes, rolled out of bed directly, bared her teeth in pain, put on her clothes at random, supported her waist, and limped away

If she doesn’t leave, she will die.

After Qin se leaves, Gu Jingyuan comes out of the bathroom.

The cell phone rings and he puts it to his ear.

“She left, sir.”


“Shen Ruigang has just returned.”

“Be sure to escort her home safely.”


“Give her what she wants.”



Out of the lobby of the hotel, the cold wind in March blows, Qin SE’s whole people are calm down.

Is she… Too aggressive.

Well, it’s Gu Jingyuan!

She said sleep and sleep!

It seems that easy is too hard.

Before Qin se, he never thought that he would have an intersection with a big man like Gu Jingyuan.

Qin se swallows his mouth. All his courage in his life has been used up today.

At that time, she wanted to wear a green hat to Shen Rui. She had to find a man who was hundreds of times better than him. She didn’t think of anything else. Now she thought about it. Her heart was shaking like her aching legs.

But think about it, Wang Qiuxia tried her best to squeeze into the banquet attended by Gu Jingyuan. If she could know that her daughter-in-law and her infamous Gu Jingyuan had given them a grassland last night, I don’t know how to feel.

It must be rich in expression, isn’t it?

Although Qin se was afraid, she could not help feeling a little flustered when she thought of it.

The green hat of the old Shen family… It’s stable anyway.

Speaking of Gu Jingyuan, it is a legend in Kyoto.

His life can be said to be open all the way, jumping all the way from childhood, crushing everywhere, can be called the Shura field.

At the age of 21, he completed the doctoral program of Peking University Medical College, and then went abroad for further study for two years. After returning home, he was directly employed as the chief physician of cardiac surgery by Kyoto Hui’an hospital, which is one of the best in China.

Everyone who knew him said privately that Gu Jingyuan took the man set up by the angel in white, and took the route of domineering president!

But three years later, Gu Jingyuan, the star expert of the hospital, announced that he would take over the Gu family and become the head of the Gu family.

At this time, people who eat melons know that the champion of the college entrance examination, the youngest doctor, the youngest chief physician, is actually a prince born with diamond golden spoon. What he is interested in is playing with scalpel, it’s just fun!!!

Other people don’t need to take the line of hegemonic president. People themselves are hegemonic presidents.

Just like the passage circulated on the Internet: if you don’t work well, you will go home and inherit tens of billions of assets.

But this is the portrayal of Gu Jingyuan.

In a year’s time, Gu Jingyuan has changed from a doctor with a scalpel in his hand to a king who has made a decision to kill people!

However, no matter how his identity changes, his hand holds life and death.

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Chapter five

Qin se shivers at Gu Jingyuan’s eyes.

His eyes, like the scalpel he once held, are extremely sharp!

Qin se slaps her face hard to comfort herself. We are all adult men and women. We just have a sleep, just

The most important thing for her now is how to get what she deserves from the wolves of the Shen family.

Shen Rui’s parents are most acrimonious. It’s not so easy to steal food from them. She has to plan well.

A taxi stops in front of you and Qin se gets up.

Just as soon as he went up, Shen Rui’s car came from the underground garage. He saw Qin SE’s back flash by, and he was stunned.

“What’s the matter?” asked the young man in the passenger’s seat

“It’s ok… I saw Qin se just now.”

“Hum… You’re still thinking about that woman. You said that you married her just to cheat your parents. I think it’s clear that you love her for a long time.”

“Oh, my dear, how can I like that fool? I only have you in my heart, don’t you know? I think I’m too polite to you today, and I’m making you think nonsense here… “

“Then if you divorce her, I’ll see that she doesn’t like it!”

“Little fool, if she didn’t give us cover, how could we be so carefree? Don’t be angry. I’ll let my mother clean her up later, OK?”

“It’s about the same…”

How could these two people think that their conversation in the car has been recorded, and soon a mysterious number was sent to Qinse’s mobile phone.

Qin se listens to two people’s recording, angry almost can’t hold the mobile phone.

A moment ago, Qin se thought that she was too bold today. Now she has no sense of guilt.

Compared with Gu Jingyuan, Shen Rui is nothing.

He and that bitch are really a pair of dog men who are in collusion with each other. They can disgust people like this, and they are really fierce.

However, Shen Rui is right. She is really stupid. When she met Shen Rui in her junior year, she felt that he was polite, gentle, handsome and had a good family background. She was not a small rich second generation. With the noise of people around her, she agreed to marry him.

The girl’s vanity certainly has, but she also once really liked Shen Rui’s.

Now, Qin se really want to poke his eyes, in the end is how blind, the original so silly to marry himself.

She used to think that he was not like other men. He was polite to her before marriage. She was a gentleman, but she forgot that there were animals in clothes.

After marriage, she also had the illusion of overdue hope, and her marriage was happy.

But, as a result, her marriage is a piece of shit!

Qin se originally thought that Shen Rui was taking her as a cover up, but TM didn’t expect that he was still her pusher in the Shen family.

Before Qin se is really never thought, how can people disgust to this point.

She still underestimated the evil of human nature.

But it doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t matter

She will let the Shen family know that she is not easy to provoke.

She has not only a white lotus face, but also a black lotus heart.

The Shen family had made her two years in dire straits, and she made them fly in the future.

She can be a demon.

Qin se should really thank the mysterious man who told him about it.

It’s him who makes Qin se see this shit like marriage and let her know Shen Rui’s disgusting face.

Also let her finally make up her mind to extricate herself from this long illusory marriage.

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