Qtum Quantum Chain founder Shuai early selected 2017 “Forbes” China 30 30 years old elite list


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nJuly 20, 2017, Forbes China held a press conference in Shenzhen, and announced in 2017 China’s “30 30-year-old elite” list (hereinafter referred to as 30U30). The list for the first time covers 10 different areas of 30 30-year-old elite, a total of more than 300 young talent selected.n
nThis year the list of ten selected areas are: entertainment and sports, social enterprise and education, enterprise science and technology, consumer technology, advertising and marketing, media and industry, energy and environmental protection, medicine health and science, finance and venture capital, And food and beverage, retail and electricity.n
nForbes looked forward to looking at young people who were under 30 years of age and had a great influence in the industry, or had a great potential to become a social leader. The oldest of this year’s selection was born in 1987. The youngest is only 17-year-old singer combination of TFboys of Wang Yuan and Yunching Qian Xi.n
nnQuantum Chain Foundation has also announced its founder Shuai early because of its outstanding contribution in the field of consumer technology and selected list.n
nnHe began to understand the block chain technology during his Ph.D. at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He found that the field was full of opportunities and challenges, so he began to focus on the study of the chain chain. It is also the enthusiasm for the block chain technology so that he decided to leave Ali to create their own block chain technology new business – Qtum quantum chain.n
nQtum is an open source block chain application platform. Which combines the core technology of Bitcoin, supports multi-virtual machine account abstraction layer, and the consensus mechanism of equity and other technologies. Although Qtum’s main network can go live in September, Qtum has always been considered one of China’s best block chain projects and is widely acclaimed at home and abroad, all of which have benefited greatly from the great contributions Then
nQtum has also received support from executives and organizations at home and abroad, including Bloq’s founder, Matthew Roszak, Bitcoel Roger Ver, founder of Anthony Di Lorio, founder of Star Square, and Star Xu, CEO of OkCoin Wait.n
nn”I am honored to be selected by the Qtum block chain project for the Forbes” 30 Chinese elite under the age of 30. The chain chain industry is flourishing around the world, especially in China. Qtum The team will do our best to create the world’s best block chain application platform.With the block chain value transmission network, I believe we will re-connect the whole world in new ways!n
nnAll members of the Qtum team are proud of the achievements they have made, and are fortunate to be able to work with him. At the same time we also know that there are many excellent members of the team, I believe there will be more members in the future because of their hard work in the area of ​​chain and innovation and recognition, we look forward to the arrival of that day.n
nAbout Qtumn
nQtum project in March 2017 for the global opening of the public activities, in 117 hours, access to more than 20 countries around the world, 7,000 orders support, collected a total of 15.6 million US dollars of digital assets, all at the end of the Wikipedia, as the world’s eighth largest all, the chain of the world’s third largest chain of chips.n
nQtum is an open source block chain technology protocol designed to build an Internet-based value transfer protocol and a future distributed application platform that can be used free of charge by consumers and developers around the world. Has now become China’s largest and most valued block chain open source project (valuation of nearly 1 billion dollars), also attracted more than 20 countries around the world’s attention.n
nArticle part of the information from Forbes China: http://3g.forbeschina.com/review/list/002390.shtmln

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