Qtum Quantum Chain officially released the second edition of the test network: the sky network


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nAugust 16, 2017, Qtum Quantum Chain Second Edition test network – the sky network was officially released, and in this test network, Qtum quantum chain development of the main features of the basic realization. The Qtum Quantum Chain is the first intelligent contract platform based on UTXO and PoS. In quantum chain design and development, the Qtum Quantum Chain is a groundbreaking blend of the advantages of Bitcoin and Ethernet ecosystems, and proposes and implements the following core technological innovations:n
nn1. Design and implement the Account Abstract Layer (AAL) technology creatively. AAL technology implements the UTXO model into an account model that can be used by EVM to execute smart contracts. Contract developers do not need to care about the UTXO conversion details related to contract operations, develop them using EVM features and are compatible with existing Ethernet premises contracts Then
nnn2. Improved the PoS Consensus as Mutualized Proof Of Stake (MPoS) Consensus. PoS makes it possible for any user with tokens in the wallet to have access to the mine without wasting a lot of power like PoW. The improved PoS 3.0 mechanism, through the variable block rewards and the fee allocation mechanism, makes the PoS consensus more secure under smart contracts.n
nnn3. Create a distributed autonomous protocol (DGP). DGP manages the parameters of the block chain network through the intelligent contract embedded in the creation block and implements a decentralized network autonomous mechanism to realize the automatic upgrade and fast iteration of the block chain network, so that the machine node consensus The decision-making consensus can be democratized and distributed. Currently supporting governance parameters include block size, Gas limit, Gas schedule, and minimum Gas price.n
nnPlan a new architecture of high-performance virtual machine. Trying to solve some problems in the etherbox EVM, such as not support the standard library, generated bytecode is too large, does not support floating point, difficult to debug and so on. Qtum’s new virtual machines will be dedicated to implementing efficient intelligent contract systems on UTXO models.n
n1. Quantum chain sky network characteristicsn
nQtum Quantum Chain The first test network was released on June 28, 2017, and has been stable for more than a month, completing a number of tests, including features such as UTXO, PoS, AAL, Smart Contract, etc. Transaction throughput and network stress were tested, the data show that transaction throughput performance can reach more than 10 times the bitcoin. August 16, 2017 Qtum Quantum Chain Released Test Net 2.0 Version: Quantum Chain Sky Network. In this version of the test network, Qtum quantum chain main function has been basically achieved, this release provides Linux, Windows and Mac platform Qtum Core software and PC wallet, Android, IOS mobile wallet. The following are the main features of the Quantum Sky Network:n
nn1. Support for complete UTXO account model transactions, support P2PKH, P2PK, multiple signature, P2SH and OP_RETURN;n
n2. Supports isolation and is compatible with traditional transaction types;n
n3. An average of about 2 minutes block time, 2M block capacity, block capacity can be upgraded through DGP;n
n4. Realize the intelligent contract function based on account abstraction layer (AAL) technology and EVM. All of the Solidity features are fully supported except that Qtum can not be stored. If the smart contract is created before sending Qtum to the contract ;n
n5. Implementation of the MPoS mechanism, through the variable block rewards and fee allocation mechanism to achieve a more secure under the smart contract PoS consensus;n
n6. Decentralized Governance Protocol (DGP) to achieve full functionality. Currently supporting DGP governance parameters include: block size, Gas limit, Gas schedule and minimum Gas price;n
n7. PC and mobile wallet support smart contract-related functions, including the creation of smart contracts in the wallet, send data and Qtum to smart contracts, local implementation of smart contracts;n
n8. Supports running Qtum full nodes on embedded device Raspberry Pi and successfully generating new blocks in regression test mode;n
n9. Qtum core and wallet support the following platformn
nQtum Core Software: Linux, Windows, Mac OSn
nQtum wallet: Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Android, IOSn
n2. Qtum software acquisitionn
nAt the link https://github.com/qtumproject/qtum/releases provide software has been compiled to download, support Windows, Linux and OSX platform, support for X86 and ARM architecture.n
nMore information can be found Qtum Quantum Chain official website: www.qtum.orgn
nMore relevant Qtum code: https: //github.com/qtumproject/qtumn

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