R3 block chain alliance to consider setting up an office in Russia

nnnIn the New York R3 block chain alliance plan in Singapore, London, the establishment of the Russian office. With the Russian Union members and the direct exchange of Eastern European institutions, while the chain of chains in Moscow, including financial technology education projects, for its Corda platform project and application development basis.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nRussia’s payment service company and alliance member Qiwi said the financial innovation firm R3, which leads the global chain of financial institutions, may set up an office in Russia.n
nQiwi said that R3 considered the fall of 2017 in Moscow, Russia set up a new office, is expected to staff ten people. R3 in New York has offices in London and Singapore.n
nCompany representative said:n
nn”R3 plans to communicate directly with participating managers and Russian financial institutions through Moscow offices, as well as participants in Russia and Eastern Europe, while deploying its chain-chain platform, Corda, in Russia.”n
nnThe alliance also plans to work with the Fintech Association and Qiwi to organize a hacker marathon in Russia to develop projects and applications on the Corda platform. In addition, also consider the launch of financial technology and block chain technology education projectn
nBuilt in September 2015, R3 is an enterprise software company that has developed Corda in partnership with more than 80 banks, financial institutions, regulators, trade associations, professional service companies and technology companies. This distributed book platform is dedicated to financial services. In May 2017, R3 announced the completion of A round of financing 2/3, received 107 million US dollars. The final part will be open at the end of the year, both R3 members and non-member investment agencies can participate.n

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