R3, Intel jointly strengthen the data privacy and security of the Corda block chain platform

nnnIn the New York release Intel Xeon Scalable processor, and announced with the financial innovation company R3 cooperation. Use this latest processor to enhance the data privacy and security of the R3 private chain platform Corda. Help to strengthen R3 in the financial services market infrastructure changes in the status.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nThe financial innovation company R3 announced that it has partnered with Intel to strengthen the data privacy and security of its chain-chain platform, Corda.n
nOn July 11, 2017, Intel announced the partnership at the Xeon Scalable processor conference in New York to improve Corda privacy by supporting the key components of the Intel Security and Privacy Toolkit.n
nR3 CEO David Rutter commented that:n
nn”Intel is the perfect partner for Corda, which builds a zero-based, solution-specific, unique data privacy and security solution that makes it the only suitable DLT solution for regulated wholesale markets.”n
nnCorda’s unique data privacy and security solution is a pioneering aspect of the chain chain because it sends data to people who must “know”. The Corda community welcomes all the innovations that enhance its position in the enterprise block chain application.n
n”The Xeon Scalable processor will improve the privacy and security of the block-chain solution,” said Rick Echevarria, vice president and general manager of platform security at Intel’s Software Services Group. “The R3 partnership program and the Corda platform put R3 into the next generation of finance Service market infrastructure solutions unique location “.n

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