R3 Union filed a lawsuit against the block-chain platform, Rebey, for billions of dollars worth of contracts

nnnIn the past, R3, a start-up enterprise that serves banks and financial institutions, sued Ripple for unilateral cancellation of the XRP tokens. It is reported that Ruibo and R3 earlier had R3 to 0.0085 US dollars to subscribe for up to 5 billion XRP tokens signed an agreement, and provides by the end of 2019 by the end of all or part of the completion of the subscription. However, the price of the banker has soared in recent months, so far the unit price has risen to nearly $ 0.22, which makes R3 subscription value of more than $ 1 billion.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
n”Starting from the block chain” and serve the bank and financial institutions, start-up R3 rival rival Ripple (Ripple) to sue. R3 believes that the Ripple Labs has violated the XRP tokens subscription agreement that the two companies had previously reached.n
nAccording to the lawsuit submitted, Ruibo and R3 had previously signed an agreement with R3 to subscribe for up to 5 billion XRP tokens at a price of $ 0.0085. The agreement indicates that the subscription could be completed in whole or in part by the end of 2019.n
nLitigation case, Reagan CEO Garlinghouse in June this year to R3 CEO Rutter e-mail attempt to cancel the subscription contract. And R3 insists that Ruibo has no right to cancel the contract unilaterally.n
nThe price of the Rehobo currency has soared in recent months, and the unit price has risen to nearly $ 0.22 at the time of publication. This makes the value of R3 subscription more than $ 1 billion. The lawsuit also expressed the strong desire of R3 to subscribe for all or part of the currency at any time before the end of 2019.n
nR3 also spent $ 590 million on the chain of chains were analyzed, and recently, the agency publicly concluded that “does not need block chain”, which caused a sensation. As a result, banks such as JP Morgan Chase have left R3 to find a chain-chain option within their organization.n

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