Raytheon confirmed plans to expand the Chinese market, but also denied Alibaba as its verification node

nnnIn the Reuters Forum XRP Chat appeared in the company plans to enter the Chinese market rumors, rumors also said that China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba Group has become its verification node, and will help them into the Chinese market. But recently, Ruibo made a statement in CoinDesk issued a statement to confirm its plans to enter the Chinese market, but Alibaba has not become its verification node, nor plans to carry out the relevant work to obtain Alibaba assistance.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nRuibo publicly confirmed its plans to enter one of the world’s largest markets.n
nIn a new statement to CoinDesk, the San Francisco-based chain-chain start-up clarified the rumors of its first visit to XRP Chat on Thursday for discussion and commentary on the company and its technology.n
nIn short, rumors are true, the chain chain company is planning to carry out business in China, but not in the region with the help of an e-commerce giant.n
nEmi Yoshikawa, director of partnership with Raytheon, said to CoinDesk,n
nn”China is the main market for the global payment network, which is why we are looking forward to doing business here.” China’s cross-border [business-to-business] paid the total value of $ 5 trillion each year, while China’s large e-commerce market There is a lack of efficient and cost effective solutions. “n
nnRecently, RAIS added 10 new financial institutions to join its chain-chain network, including Japan’s Mitsubishi UFJ Group (MUFG), Spain’s Bilbao Biscay Bank (BBVA) and Sweden’s Nordic Bank (SEB), but so far no Chinese companies have become their network members.n
nIn view of this, the company will have to continue to work to promote large enterprises in China to join this list of profound partners. At the same time, Ruibo end for Alibaba has been running in the Rebel network verification node guess.n
nThe picture in the post shows that the address of the running node is located in Hangzhou, which makes people think of the Alibaba Group.n
nThis is a lot of people speculation that the Chinese giants will help Revek into the Chinese market, but the spokesman said Reebok said that this effort is not in its work plan:n
nn”Alibaba does not run verification nodes.”n

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