RBC: NVIDIA will dominate the next wave block technology

nnnPost Comment: Royal Bank of Canada analyzes the impact of explosive growth on Chināa business. Pointed out that the current technology development requires a lot of computing power, is currently to some companies to buy. However, if the block-chain technology from the remaining computing power of the user there to buy, can greatly reduce costs and increase efficiency. And in order to meet the demand for computing power, these users need to buy a large number of chips to increase the power. So the business of the British Weida has a great role in promoting.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nThe next wave block chain application has come, and has greatly contributed to the development of Nvidia (NVDA, Nvidia).n
nThe most basic form of the chain is to centralize the public account. Bitcoin is perhaps the most recognized block-chain technology. It uses block chains to avoid central banks and government agencies, innovating new currencies.n
nAs block-chain technology matures, other uses emerge from various fields. RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) lists IBM and Samsung to develop new washing machines using block chains and can automatically add cleanersn
nFuture block-chain applications may be more practical, some of which have been published.n
nFor example, Golem is based on the block chain technology, claiming to be “global to the center of the supercomputer.” The technology will have more power to connect users need to buy the power of complex tasks for users, such as computer graphics rendering or artificial intelligence training.n
nThen there is the “basic attention token”, another future block chain use case. This coin support network can change the Internet advertising model. So that advertisers directly to buy the user’s attention, rather than the reader to ignore the site layout.n
nThese are just a few examples, but RBC analyst Mitch Steves said that such examples can increase NVIDIA’s GPU demand.n
nSteven mentions Elon Musk’s OpenAI project to develop artificial intelligence systems. The system defeated the human player in the complex video game Dota 2. Training this system requires a surprising amount of computing power, so from Microsoft’s single source to buy these calculations. Future block chains allow OpenAI’s Dota 2 systems and other applications to be centrally trained.n
nSteai said that if OpenAI uses a block-chain system to buy computing power from the user’s network, rather than Microsoft, you can save money while accelerating the training process. If a large number of people began to use such a system for high-power projects, to the network to sell more computing power users may buy more NVIDIA chip, increase the network can provide computing power. This can increase the amount of money the system pays for them.n
nCheck the currency in the same way as the encrypted currency. Encrypted currency miners have been buying the NVIDIA chip to increase the computational power to receive more verification fees. British Weida said that encrypted currency mining to promote the development of the company, so the use of the same technology more applications can increase the demand for NVIDIA chip.n

nRBC on the British Weida target price is $ 175, optimistic about the company. NVIDIA currently trades at $ 165.43, up 62.24% this year.n

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