Real hammer! 850 thousand BTC changes have been confirmed, and all you need to know is here!

Bear the cold is still shrouded the downturn in the currency market, a whale suddenly disturbed the market account, hundreds of thousands of bitcoin address changes, account attributes, the reasons for the changes, sparked numerous speculation.

“The money is a big finish, ready to smash the disc”? “ is in the consolidation of funds? “Coinbase is in the consolidation of funds? The above three kinds of judgment are not solid but each one sticks to his argument, backed by data validation. Chaindigg as a small angel to block chain escort data, help the public understand the chain of objective truth, is the bounden duty of the!

 The real hammer! 850 thousand BTC changes have been confirmed, you need to know are here!

Write in front! By the analysis of Chaindigg data: the whale is the Coinbase account for changes in the exchange of normal funding arrangement!

In a week’s time, the whale account constantly Split Merge account assets, eventually transferred away 856000 BTC, worth about 30 billion dollars. The number is really amazing, this small series is the first time I saw so many BTC finishing, can only say that Coinbase is really rich!

A Coinbase25, a cold wallet assets within a week was split to 107.

In November 30, 2018, Coinbase issued a notice will be maintained, the next week Coinbase began whale capital account consolidation.

 The real hammer! 850 thousand BTC changes have been confirmed, you need to know are here!

According to Chiandigg data show, 25 cold wallet has been used before the Coinbase will all split into new wallet, 25 cold wallet emptied, a split into 107 addresses, each address of 8000BTC, 147094.4324 of them belong to the BTC Coinbase has been the 10 address used, is not cold wallet before the dump.

 The real hammer! 850 thousand BTC changes have been confirmed, you need to know are here!

The Chaindigg data monitoring, was split in 2 cold wallet address from November 23, 2013 -2014 year in November 16th a total of 132830.8807 gold coin hoard, which address 1PnMfRF2enSZnR6JSexxBHuQnxG8Vo5FVK hoard coin 66452.0697 and 1AhTjUMztCihiTyA4K6E3QEpobjWLwKhkR hoard coin 66378.8109; November 26, 2014 -2015 year in September 24th, a total of 5 store address by coin 126849.4435; October 3, 2015 -2017 year in December 8th, by 9 store address coin 254434.2027; November 15, 2017 -2018 year in November 25, through 9 hoard coin 194791.0407.

Coinbase cold wallet address (25)

The amount of money BTC


Sixty-six thousand four hundred and fifty-two point zero six nine seven eight


Sixty-six thousand three hundred and seventy-eight point eight one zero nine six


Twenty-five thousand four hundred and eight point eight four nine five four


Twenty-five thousand three hundred and one point seven eight nine two one


Twenty-five thousand four hundred and eighty-nine point zero eight six nine nine


Twenty-five thousand three hundred and seventy-seven point seven one four nine


Twenty-five thousand two hundred and seventy-two Point Zero Zero two eight five


Twenty-five thousand four hundred and three point three seven three three nine


Twenty-six thousand two hundred and fifteen point three six seven zero seven


Twenty-nine thousand seven hundred and seventy-two point three nine zero five three


Thirty thousand one hundred and eight point four six seven four six


Twenty-seven thousand six hundred and eighty-three point zero eight seven seven four


Twenty-seven thousand eight hundred and thirty-two point seven one zero two two


Thirty-one thousand and eighty-four point eight two five six three


Thirty-one thousand two hundred and sixty-nine point five seven six two six


Twenty-five thousand and sixty-four point four zero four three seven


Thirty-two thousand seven hundred and ninety-five point six three two five five


Twenty-seven thousand four hundred and ninety-five point nine zero seven seven six


Twenty-nine thousand six hundred and eighty-two point eight four eight three eight


Thirteen thousand five hundred and seventy-five point eight nine eight six seven


Thirty-two thousand nine hundred and fifty-six point five zero four three


Fifteen thousand and twenty-five point eight three three eight six


Fourteen thousand three hundred and fifteen point six three eight two nine


Fourteen thousand four hundred and eighteen point three nine one eight five


Fourteen thousand five hundred and twenty-four point three eight five

The total (total currency amount)

Seven hundred and eight thousand nine hundred and five point five six seven six

From 2013 -2018 years, a total of 25 store address by $708905.5676, the 2013 -2014 coin hoard accounted for more than 18.74% years, 2014 -2015 coin hoard accounted for more than 17.89% years, 2015 -2017 hoard coins accounted for more than 35.89% years, 2017 -2018 coin hoard accounted for 27.48%.

Coinbase 25 cold wallet currency accounted for more than a year

Annual interval

The amount of currency (BTC)

The coin accounted for more than


One hundred and thirty-two thousand eight hundred and thirty point eight eight zero seven



One hundred and twenty-six thousand eight hundred and forty-nine point four four three five



Two hundred and fifty-four thousand four hundred and thirty-four point two zero two seven



One hundred and ninety-four thousand seven hundred and ninety-one point zero four zero seven



Seven hundred and eight thousand nine hundred and five point five six seven six


 The real hammer! 850 thousand BTC changes have been confirmed, you need to know are here!

From the data, from 2013 to 2018, Coinbase will continue to keep this coin 25 cold wallet address, in this arrangement, all empty address are no longer in use.

 The real hammer! 850 thousand BTC changes have been confirmed, you need to know are here!

According to the Chaindigg multi currency browser queries, 97 address to trace all of them through the 25 cold wallet will be combined to form a split coin 8000BTC address. 10. The rest of the money collected from the existing. (the original stamp, the use of multi currency browser)

 The real hammer! 850 thousand BTC changes have been confirmed, you need to know are here!

 The real hammer! 850 thousand BTC changes have been confirmed, you need to know are here!

Two, the bear market highlights the cost advantages of the liquidation of assets

The Coinbase finishing wallet belongs to the normal stock exchange to replace the address behavior regularly, the split collection funds are transferred to the SegWit address from the left “BC1” address, this operation can effectively reduce transaction costs.

“SegWit” stands for Segregated Witness, aims to mitigate bitcoin transaction speed block chain size limit problem. The transaction is split into two segments to complete this operation, delete the signature from the original part (unlock “witness” and at the end of the data) as an additional separate structure. The original data will be normal calculation, but the “witness” section will actually be counted as one of four of its actual size. (data from Wikipedia)

The Coinbase finishing assets, assets will be split up, more conducive to increase the level of security, the security risk dispersion before the address. According to the data, 2018 global encryption currency trading platform stolen amounted to 9.27 billion, is 3.5 times of 2017 years, the whale address sorting funds is a normal asset consolidation behavior, also belongs to the exchange stolen currency risk response. The Coinbase may also be the asset management behavior and patterns continue, does not exclude other exchanges recently will have similar behavior, Chaindigg will continue to focus on the late changes of assets.

85 million BTC, really enough to shake the entire currency circle, but you think that only those coinbase? The poor can limit our imagination, the next Chaindigg take you to explore Coinbase ETH assets! If you want to know the trading platform and the currency, welcome message, we will actively adopt.

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