Rebo said the three major remittance companies in 2018 will use Ruibo currency

nRune comments: Rebo said in Twitter that three of the world’s top five remittance companies will use their XRP tokens in the payment process system, after Ribo was also criticized for not having the XCurrent platform-related news about XRP. And currently only one Mexican financial services company uses XRP for remittances. However, the company said the platform will grow this year.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Rebo said in Twitter that three of the world’s top five remittance companies use Ripple XRP tokens in payment processing systems.n
This Twitter did not pinpoint specific partner information, but XRP’s market capitalization once surpassed that of Ethereum, ranking second, except that Swab’s topic of tokens was always criticized as too opaque or overly one-sided.n
The criticism is partly because Rebo’s xCurrent product has attracted 100 financial institutions that are not involved with XRP and many new investors mistakenly believe that they are XRPs.n
Just before Thursday, only one company, Mexican financial services company Cuallix, announced the use of XRP for cross-border remittances.n
But Asheesh Birla, the company’s tweeter and vice president of product, said earlier this week that it will add more development this year.n
In Twitter last Thursday, CEO Brad Garlinghouse told Reuters New York Times about the use of XRP, referring to the evaluation of banks and payment providers for testing or testing their cryptocurrencies.n
About Swap xRapid products that put XRP on the company’s xCurrent communications platform, Garlinghouse wrote:n
n”I’ve talked to banks and payment providers over the past few months and they really plan to take advantage of xRapid (our XRP liquidity product).”n
nDespite the recent revamp currency price of nearly 4 US dollars, but Coinbase announced that currently does not plan on the flagship exchange or GDAX platform to market the cryptocurrency, the day began to decline.n

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