Recent Developments in the National Chain Chain Strategy in Malta: Establishment of the Chain Chain Advisory Committee

nnIn the development of the chain chain, Malta has set up an advisory committee, bringing together experts to provide advice on its national block chain strategy. The Maltese government and national leaders have expressed support for this emerging technology, which will provide a great deal for the development of the technology in Malta, which will help the country achieve its digital economy.n
nTranslated by: Inan
The Maltese government is setting up a new special group to advise its implementation of the national block chain strategy, which was announced in April.n
According to the Malta Independent, the group will review the proposal and make recommendations to portray a roadmap to facilitate the application of block chains in public sector processes and services.n
Vincent Muscat, Permanent Secretary of the Secretariat of the Maltese Parliament, will serve as Chairman of the Advisory Committee. Other members include senior financial technology / block chain consultant at Quantum Financial Analytics Steve Tendon; Ian Gauci, a legal expert specializing in communications and technology; Joseph Cuschieri, Executive Director of the Malta Gaming Authority, and Loui Mercieca, a software architect with block chain expertise Then
The group announced on Friday that the group called on seven financial services consultants to make recommendations for the block chain strategy, whose ultimate goal is to help countries achieve the digital economy.n
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n”The government is ambitious in researching new regulatory functions whose main goal is to use the technology through a legal framework that will create an ideal ecosystem for people who are willing to invest in chain-chain technology.”n
nThe announcement, therefore, marks the latest block-chain initiative in the Mediterranean region of Malta, which has been promoting its domestic block-chain technology.n
For example, in December last year, the country’s stock exchange began to study the use of block chain to support its platform, and Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat also expressed support for the block chain and encrypted currency.n
He also told some EU leaders that the encrypted currency could not be halted and that he had become one of the few leaders in the world to recognize the emerging technology.n

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