Red wine check the origin, the diamond test true and false, the application of the block chain scene not only in the financial circle

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n(This article first titanium media, reporter / Cai Pengcheng)n
nHow to identify a bottle of imported wine origin – really is “82 years of Rafi”, or the old bottle of new wine?n
nThis is a very professional threshold of the problem, but now you may only need to pick up the phone to scan the bottle on a NFC chip, the bottle of wine production, transportation, import, sales of all aspects of the data on the screen.n
nAnd when you open the cap once, this chip with NFC fragile attribute that will fail, they can not be reused to other bottles up.n
nSimilar to this logic, some imported milk powder, luxury goods, and even the horse’s traceability verification, have been able to rely on a chip and a smart phone to complete. And these scenes to achieve the key technology is the block chain.n

nThis bottle of wine at the bottle that is equipped with NFC chip, but the naked eye can not seen
nBitSE, a pioneer in the development and application of block chain technology and digital assets, is building a transparent supply chain platform based on block chain technology – VeChain, which can be registered through the platform in the chain And for the whole society to publish their own product information, and the management of the products released. The above mentioned wine and other goods traceability verification is by virtue of this platform can be achieved.n
nIn fact, there are many cases in which the chain chain is used for supply chain management overseas. Everleger, a London-based chain-chain start-up company, is registering the diamond’s various types of features on the chain, creating a “digital fingerprint of diamonds.” Another Silicon Valley technology company – Chronicled is using the chain chain to engage in shoe supply chain validation.n
nAs a distributed shared database, the block chain has a decentralized nature of point-to-point value transfer. All information is publicly recorded in the “public books”, and the data can not be tampered with. Everyone can see at any time. The above features make this new technology in the financial industry “fame” show the potential in other areas.n
nHow do I put wine on the “block”n
nThe core issue of traditional supply chain management is that the information is fragmented, BitSE chief operating officer, general manager of Vechain Lu Yang told Titanium Media, “product data are distributed in the parties, such as production, logistics, sales And other aspects of information are fragmented, consumers do not have the channel to view the source of goods and circulation process.n
nThis defect increases the difficulty of the luxury industry. According to Lu Yang introduction, the current traceability technology mainly concerned with front-end traceability, such as two-dimensional code, RFID (radio frequency identification technology), which is characterized by the identity can not be copied. But because the commodity information can only be read from the chip or the central database, these traceability technology is also faced with the chip to read the contents of the copy and back-end verification of the database was broken the possibility.n
nAnd by virtue of the bit currency famous financial industry block chain technology, why can carry the supply chain traceability function?n
nThis is related to the infrastructure of the block chain technology, which can not only record the digital form of money, but also record any other assets that can be defined by numbers, and even because the value transfer on the chain chain can be passed through the scripting language Complete, which means that the chain above the chain can also be defined more complex trading logic. This feature gives the wine and other commodities “on” the possibility of block chain.n
nLu Yang told the titanium media, abstracting different scenes into a standard template is the key to the ability to “move on” the chain of blocks, and this process is divided into the following three steps:n
nnWith ID to represent the different subject, can be goods, people, or events, to wine, for example, refers to the wine number;n
nUse cloud data to mark a product or a description of the item;n
nUsing smart contracts to describe his operations, such as transport from wineries to DIG is a transfer of ownership.n
nnLu Yang described the process as “building blocks”, the real business environment can be digitized step by step to the block chain.n
nAt present, in the wine traceability business, with the only chain (VeChain) is the DIG (Shanghai Waigaoqiao Import Commodity Direct Marketing Center) – the company imported 80% of China’s red wine, the company’s deputy general manager Li Chunxi told the titanium media, phase Than the original can only be done from the beginning of the port to the source of the system, in the block chain technology under the new traceability mechanism can be traced back directly to foreign wineries, on the other hand, the entire upstream and downstream data security and authenticity more Easy to control.n
nHow to explore a good block chain application scene?n
nFrom the current point of view, more and more block-related applications are put into practice, but in the end what kind of scene is likely to be the birth of killer applications?n
nLu Yang believes that only a combination of things, large data, cloud computing and other technologies, the chain of chain areas may be the birth of killer applications, “block chain is definitely not a universal concept, is not competent for all tasks Superman.”n
nLu Yang mentioned the chain of cooperation with the Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences, similar to the logic of traceability of the wine, the growth of vegetables, greenhouse temperature, humidity, soil pH and so on all kinds of data are based on the block chain to record, in order to improve Data storage security and authenticity. But the aforementioned series of agricultural data must rely on sensors and other Internet of things to obtain technology.n
nCoincidentally, Zhong An Technology has also recently announced that the block chain will be used in chicken – based on the block chain can not be tampered with the characteristics of each trace to achieve the source of chicken. Among its partners is a network of intelligent equipment company.n
nAnd how to explore the application of the scene of the block chain this issue, as the current domestic block the largest chain of investment funds head, distributed capital founding manager Shen Bo recently put forward a few principles, perhaps worth this The start-up companies on the track learn from.n
nnFirst, a good block chain technology application scenarios will be involved in a number of trust the main body, we need to have the way to trust the intermediary to cooperate.n
nSecond, there must be a strong relationship between the main body, which is the business needs.n
nThird, the current level of chain technology in terms of the level of development, or low-frequency transactions, how to meet the needs of this transaction.n
nFourth, the business model must be complete, or business model to support. “n
nn(This article first titanium media, reporter / Cai Pengcheng)n

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