Refactoring content industry, Primas opens ICO tomorrow


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nPrimas is an open content release, recommendation and trading ecosphere dedicated to the use of block chains and other technical means to change the existing content market structure, to solve the problem of high quality content is difficult to identify, spread and realize. Through the center of the content traceability and screening mechanism, so that users access to high-quality content.n
nAccording to the original block chain CEO Wu Peng introduced in the past year, the original team is committed to the block chain technology used in the field of digital copyright, and to create the first in the field of copyright commercialization of the block chain products. With the media, large data and algorithm-related technical experience and in-depth understanding of the original team is about to release the face of individual users of the next generation content value ecosystem “Primas”, hoping to fundamentally subvert the rules of today’s headlines, Writing the law of media communication.n
nWu Peng said:n
nn”When a market does not have a good normative mechanism, any country will have a lot of bad fake things, and Primas can provide a perfect solution, the content of the market will naturally have a real value. This is not new Value, but what we lost in the past ten years, the original value.n
nnIt is reported that Primas’s underlying architecture in the Etienum (Ethereum), the key logic to achieve the use of intelligent contracts, the core data is also used to write smart chain block, the content data stored in IPFS.n
nPrimas DNAn
nFor the copyright issue, Primas has established a complete DNA system and traceability mechanism, its core is the content of digital fingerprint recognition, through the cryptography and block chain technology, the creator of the works and certification time, author information, trusted timestamp Encryption, generate a unique eight-bit code, so no matter what the contents of “flow” to where, there are roots can be pursued.n
nPrimas DNA ensures that the content can be traced back to the source even if it is partially tampered with; the smart contract implements automated authorization without human intervention; the presence proof based on the block chain technology also significantly reduces the cost of evidence collection.n
nWith regard to privacy protection, in the Primas network, all information that must be disclosed, such as author and transaction information, is open and transparent, and the relevant information is recorded in the block chain. And user browsing records and privacy-related information will not be recorded and uploaded, and fully protect the user’s privacy.n
nThe original block chain CTO nectar analysis said:n
nn”Through the use of block chain ‘distributed, open and transparent, can not be changed’ and other technical characteristics, in the trading platform to achieve ownership of the transaction and circulation, record relevant information and be protected, thereby improving the efficiency of digital content circulation, reduce circulation costs. Distribution, effective solution to the existence of digital content platform is difficult, piracy serious, poor openness, low transaction efficiency and many other issues.n
nTo the central content communityn
nPrimas has an important improvement over the existing decentralized content platform project. Before the same type of project for the content are often based on traffic to do the assessment, which can not be very good to avoid the user driven by the benefits, brush out a lot of data. For this reason, the original team created for the Primas value model is a comprehensive assessment system, rather than based on traffic assessment. Primas tries to construct an environment where the cost of infringement is greater than the transaction cost through block-chain technology.n
nIn the Primas client, the community is the main form of information organization, whether new or external content through the community after the release, through the evaluation of community users to do further communication. The quality of the community is determined by the contribution of all the individuals in the community, and the community rating in turn affects the quality of the content in the community.n
nFrom a practical point of view, social recommendation is a more efficient way than algorithmic recommendation. Primas gathers people who share common interests, shared values, and shared expectations through the establishment of an information community, and further evaluates the credibility of the information within the system.n
nIn this regard, mannose stressed:n
nn”Primas is the core of the establishment of a set of open and credible content metadata protocol, through the block chain can not be tampered with all the content to add a dimension of metadata, so that the content of the entire Internet in the credibility of communication And the availability of a substantial increase.On this basis, Primas also have to create a decentralized content community, through the social recommendation of the way to enable readers to see more high-quality content, community incentives to make the original author and community contributors Can get enough economic returns. “n
nnIt can be seen that, through the use of block-chain technology, Primas provides a safe and efficient platform for the protection of intellectual property rights of original owners, not only improving the operational efficiency of the IP services, but also benefiting the entire content industry The content of the contents of the show itself.n
nICO is about to startn
nWhen talking about the project ICO, the original CEO Wu Peng said:n
nn”It’s probably the worst time to look at the ICO, and it’s probably the best time, because in some people it’s not the best time to go now, everyone says the market is too hot and the bubble is But I think the business model will be solid when the market is more difficult.n
nnIt is understood that the Primas project in ICOAGE and renrenico open since the lock, the progress is very good. August 7 at 2 pm, Primas will officially open ICO. As a project that is expected to refactor the content industry, let’s look forward to Primas’ next week’s market performance.n

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