Refusing to Talk, Trying Hard – Analyzing PlayCoin Technology

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What is the hottest thing to say in 2017? I do not think anyone would object to the term “bitcoin,” and as the price of bitcoin skyrocketed, giving rise to “business opportunities” in bitcoin investment, there was “one currency, one villa” Buzzwords, this sentence straight-forward description of the domestic speculators deep inside the hearts of Bitcoin good dreams and imagination. The soaring prices of bitcoin roller coasters, while stunning, have also thrilled investors. So with all kinds of speculation, all kinds of speculative coins move brick, and even never fall behind the “trend” of the Chinese aunt who have also joined the army of this new technological innovation, would rather willing to do “leek” would not let go Any way you can make a fortune.n
As the saying goes, “lay watch for fun, experts watch the door.” In the face of the skyrocketing Bitcoin price, what really deserves our attention is the technology behind it – blockchain technology. Recently, the People’s Bank of China Institute of Finance Sun Guofeng once said that “the blockchain to drive financial science and technology, it can not be as simple as digital currency.” Sun believes that blockchain technology can effectively enhance the transparency of information and reduce the basis Facilities repeat construction costs. But at the same time, blockchain technology also faces the problems of privacy protection, performance, upgrade and repair mechanisms, etc., and also needs to guard against systematic risks that blockchain technology may bring.n
Blockchain itself is still in its development stage, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is only a simple and easy embodiment of it. In China, there are tens of thousands of start-up companies and projects engaged in blockchain technology in the world. However, enterprises that are really serious about doing blockchain technology are few and far between.n
Only the blockchain technology and the real needs of the application of a combination of content to meet the user is the key.n
PlayCoin is one such project rooted in meeting user needs and combining it with blockchain technology. PlayCoin further improve the blockchain technology based on Qtum technology and strive to provide the small and medium-sized game developers and game lovers with a low-cost alternative game download platform to Google Play and App Store.n
Choose good wood and interest – choose Qtum as the underlying technology reasonsn
According to GameHub Inc., founder of PlayCoin Project Dennis Kim,n
n”Qtum is undoubtedly a bright star in many projects in the blockchain. Of course, the reason we choose Qtum is not only its reputation, but the reputation of Bitcoin and Ethereum far exceeds that of Qtum. We really What we needed was a UTXO model with both Bitcoin and an expansive, cryptocurrency with Ethereum, where we looked at a lot of (projects) finally locked Qtum because it met our needs. “n
nAs an open source, decentralized project, Qtum aims to capitalize on the unique features of Bitcoin while incorporating the blockchain engineered with the features of Dapp and Etc. in Ethereum. Qtum’s technology innovation and breakthrough lies in the design of the abstract account layer, which allows it to maintain its relationship with the Bitcoin blockchain and the Ethereum EVM (EVM is one of Ethereum’s core capabilities, the Ethereum blockchain operating system, Automatic implementation of smart contracts on Ethereum) compatible with cross-chain features.n
PlayCoin will be based on Qtum technology and will be based on Java 9 and Spring 5 extensions to the Qtum framework. PlayCoin removes the Qtum Mining framework from it and replaces it with the Social Mining module. Instead of developing the Qtum Mining Module, PlayCoin expands and develops the Master Contract. The three models of Social Mining, Social Credit Rating and Security Monitor are injected into the Qtum architecture to make the almost perfect Qtum safer and more stable.n
Workers want good things, must first sharpenn
PlayCoin know that any ideal even better, if not paid for action, it will eventually be a dream. A person’s strength and wisdom are limited, but a group of people’s power and wisdom may be endless. Building a solid foundation for PlayCoin, you have to be well prepared to push PlayCoin’s innovative monopoly game ecosystem. Therefore, PlayCoin has always attached importance to the introduction of talents and continues to recruit people to ensure the flexible operation of PlayCoin’s technology and market.n

Dennis Kim, creator of PlayCoinn
Dennis Kim, CEO of GameHub and founder of PlayCoin, is a security professional who has many years of experience in financial security.n
nMAKE EARTH CTO, Facebook ‘Dingo’ service operation, 1.5 billion views per month, totaling 22 billion viewsn
KISA Cloud Security SpecialistnI’ve been a MC on podcasting, “I’m a programmer.”nZDnet electronic news columnistnMicrosoft MVP, Cloud, Azure, Data Center ManagementnGame Portal Club, LIVEPLEX Development DirectornNIKE, Run the City PMnnGolf zone game portal development and moren

Toby Leen
nGameHub PlayCoin, Lead Developer, Blockchainn
“Korea Spring User Group (KSUG)” foundern
The Epril CEO: Australian IT Services Consultantn
Global “JAVA Developer”n
The author of the best-selling IT software “Spring Framework.”n
Java Community ORG (JCO) Speaker at Spring OSGin
Java9, Spring5 speaker at Oracle Code 2017n
nIn addition to a solid technical support, there is a consultative group of talented and experienced people. Such as Min Yoo experts from YouGov Managing Director to oversee PlayCoin’s overseas marketing and financing. Another Min Yoo expert is also a “China Connect” who has helped many of Britain’s largest corporations successfully penetrate Hong Kong and China Circle markets. PlayCoin successfully into the China Circle and Southeast Asia’s mobile gaming market plays an important role. In order to further expand PlayCoin’s overseas market and attract investment from overseas VCs, PlayCoin also hired SeoungEun, who has extensive market experience in project planning and brand management

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