Renault will transfer the vehicle maintenance records to the block chain

nnnJudge Renault, a French carmaker, has announced the launch of a prototype of maintenance records built using Microsoft Azure Block Chain technology. The pilot platform was developed with Microsoft and consulting firm VISEO to simplify the information systems of different stakeholders. The use of the block chain will make the Renault Group in the strive to become the world’s largest car manufacturers in the competition come to the fore.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nFrench carmaker Renault announced the launch of a maintenance record prototype built using Microsoft Azure Block Chain technology. Car dealers, customers, insurance companies and repair shops can benefit from this comprehensive new system.n
nJuly 25, 2017, has a century-old French car manufacturer Renault released its block based on the chain of maintenance records related details. The experimental platform, developed in partnership with Microsoft and consulting firm VISEO, simplifies the information systems of different stakeholders, including car manufacturers, insurance companies, repair shops and drivers.n
nRenault Group figures and networking vehicle director Elie Elbaz said:n
nn”The digital vehicle maintenance log will enable us to provide new services to our customers in ecosystems where insurance companies co-exist, and block-chain technology can create a reliable trust agreement.”n
nnCompared with other block chain implementation, the effectiveness of the Renault system is quite obvious. For example, as owners and distributors share the history of vehicles with potential buyers, the transparency of car trade is likely to increase. Then it is not difficult to imagine other use cases. Perhaps the Renault block can be used by insurers to set interest rates, and even the French government can use the block chain to study fuel economy carefully. French government of the automobile industry “hand” has been identified. In 2015, the government raised its ownership at Renault to 20% to maintain its voting rights.n
nElbaz also pointed out:n
nn”In addition to this project, this technology will be a significant step forward in networking and the associated small transaction and security requirements.”n
nnIn neighboring countries, the block chain based on the etherfloor has been used in electric vehicle charging stations.n
nRenault’s cooperation with Microsoft also shows how the technology giant will continue to implement block-chain technology. Microsoft France chief technology officer Bernard Ourghanlian on the company’s cooperation with Renault made a very high evaluation, he said:n
nn”This is a continuation of our collaboration in networking, and we are pleased to be able to support the Renault Group for digital transformation and to work together to create innovative block-chain solutions that integrate the entire vehicle ecosystem and ensure that all people share information Is credible. “n
nnIn a stake in becoming the world’s largest carmaker, Renault’s pioneering use of block-chain technology can make it stand out from a number of companies.n

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