Research: 77% of U.S. investors believe Bitcoin will be higher in 2018

nBankruptcy comment: LendEDU survey of US cryptocurrency investors found that most people believe that next year is the bitcoin New Year, the rally will continue to be maintained, and investors will continue to hold bitcoin next year. Most of them are not in favor of implementing more regulation.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
According to research conducted by LendEDU in November 2017, most Americans believe Bitcoin will rise more next year, while less than half will endorse cryptocurrency-related regulatory rules.n
Most of the 565 U.S. investors surveyed think their investment performance will be better next year. However, despite the staggering 1800% increase in bitcoin in 2017, most observers sent a “bitcoin bubble” warning, but how the future is uncertain.n

Moreover, most research participants do not support the implementation of more digital currency regulation next year.n
When asked if they plan to invest more bitcoin, 75% of respondents said they will increase bitcoin investment in 2018, while less than 10% said they do not plan to increase their investment.n
As for whether there is a plan to sell bitcoin next year, about 31.5% said that it will sell part of the annual meeting, 40% said it will not sell it, and 28.5% said it is unsure of how to dispose of bitcoin.n
About 51% of respondents said they plan to buy at least one physical item in bitcoin, and 30% are unsure if they will be used for shopping.n
When asked if they support Bitcoin and cryptocurrency regulation, about 50% of respondents said they do not support the new regulation, while more than 30% are willing to accept more regulation.n

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