Research shows that bitcoin payment rate this year has dropped 80%

According to a new study from Chainalysis September, bitcoin retail payment rate fell by 80%, and no signs of a rebound.

With bitcoin transaction scalability and bitcoin itself volatility regarding this phenomenon. In the field of retail payments to obtain high use rate and sustained growth, more and more retailers will have to accept this money as a means of payment. In order to achieve this goal, must meet the market conditions, the retailer must be regarded as a kind of value added.

BitPay has recently taken a series of measures to make their services more attractive to retailers who wish to protect the sales. In addition to the basic transaction allows retailers to accept bitcoin pegged to the dollar, BitPay added three “stability means”, so that retailers have greater flexibility, and increased the number of retailers will be money in the encryption market possibilities, at least indirectly.

In addition, also appeared in the lightning network, it eliminates the high transaction costs, solve the network congestion can also handle the transaction limit the number of other issues, at least in theory is that. According to the payment channel mode of operation, the retailer if you want $1 billion in a given period of time of the transaction, it must open up a channel to allow this transaction.

For all the encrypted currency transactions, the current regulatory situation is still uncertain. In some cases, if the user is using bitcoin to buy goods or services, may be capital gains tax.

(source: China Network)

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