Research shows that: the global mainstream media reported more love bitcoin prices collapse

Editor’s note: whether you admit it or not, bitcoin appeared in ten years, especially in the last two years, actually in a corner of the world to stir. People can not ignore its subversion of theory brings to the financial impact, as well as the development of science and technology and the chain block hole extending out of the brain, the more, they cause a few people interested in. So, where is the “subversion”, where there is news. In 5 years, the mainstream media reports on them and observe what is?

Today, the star king for everyone a translation of relevant research articles, it analyses 7527 encryption related articles 48 of the world’s monetary mainstream media in recent 5 years, and the use of the expression evaluation algorithm for each article of the emotion.

Following is the translation of the text:

Love is presumptuous, but love is restrained.

Then, the global mainstream media to bitcoin attitude what is love or love? Or, there are other emotions. Recently, block chain Market Research Company Clover on the global mainstream media to tone and frequency of encryption currency report was studied. The results show that some news media to bitcoin biases than you might imagine a much larger.

Moreover, the study also showed that with the passage of time, the overall mood of the mainstream media to bitcoin is becoming more and more negative.

The more love reported bitcoin price collapse

Clovr studied 7527 encryption currency related articles during the period from January 1, 2013 to July 31, 2018 48 of the world’s mainstream media, and use the algorithm to evaluate expression of emotions in each article.

The researchers found that part of the mainstream media and no real attention to the encryption currency, unless when crypto currency prices, they will have some positive reports, but inside, the mainstream media reports seem to be more love bitcoin prices collapse.

With the end of this year, the global encryption money market prices fell, the number of news articles also began to increase, once triggered a frenzy of news”.

The researchers pointed out that the same situation also appears in the end of 2017, the market value of encryption currency last few days plummeted, the negative article doubled. For example, the “encryption money market reached 34% in January of this year or reports, even with the emergence of a large number of tips riches story.

The “old” media attitude is more severe

In fact, the “old” traditional mainstream media of encryption currency extremely bad attitude, their coverage is more severe, including the “Wall Street journal”, “New York Times”, “the economist” and “financial times”.

In contrast, commercial media tend to young audiences and financial news media reports have shown positive emotions, or at least neutral, these media include “Forbes” and “business insider” (Business Insider).

In addition, the news media in the United States, with the political tendency of media seems bitcoin is not very friendly.

The researchers found that, compared to the liberal people, while those who tend to conservative people in the news reports of the crypto currency are more negative. The most typical example is Breitbart News, the media published only bitcoin negative articles.

But surprisingly, the media’s former executive chairman Stephen (Steve Bannon) Bannon had also promote their support encryption monetary revolution.

Finally, the block chain Market Research Company Clover also found that with the passage of time, although some media bitcoin is not so hostile, but more common is the encryption currency increasingly negative news.

For example, Reuters, USA Today and Gizmodo news articles express emotions will over time become more and more negative.

Overall, compared to the science and technology news website, financial news media are more willing to report some positive news bitcoin.

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