“Research” that bitcoin yesterday was dropping money shipments, the market rebound opportunity, poor 11.26

The chain have launched a new line to think tank [research] column, 7×24 hours of attention to digital currency market changes and data analysis, timely analysis of industry trends and hot change law.

The overall market review:

The weekend bitcoin dropping again, fell below $4000, $3700 had been the key point, after the rebound back on the $4000 mark, under the bitcoin rebound, other currencies also follow the rebound, the market of digital money today Puzhang state, which is also in the days after the crash, the early market rebound sign. In addition, as of today Beijing time 18:00, BCHSV rose over 85%, at $118.

According to the latest coinmarketcap data in the past, the total market value of 24 hours of digital currency market was $129 billion 333 million 580 thousand, 24 hours turnover amounted to $19 billion 700 thousand, compared with yesterday, the total turnover decreased slightly.

Analysis of major currencies:


According to the analysis of Searchain.io data: BTC market fell sharply yesterday, fell to the lowest point of 3645. Chain index feedback, BTC based index to reflect the internal value of the new address and active address continued to decline. From the chain trading indicators, trading activity of users increased, exchange inflows rose 114.06%, outflow exchange amount increases 77.73%, trading volume rose 16.07%, the number of large transfers rose 43.15%.

As can be seen from the data chain yesterday, yesterday the new admission investors did not rise, but the number of transactions in the exchange and transfer of large has obvious growth, today’s BTC rose BTC yesterday after the crash should be due to large investors brought about by hunters rebound, but if the big sell-off in this wave of rising prices, the price will be significantly BTC fall, and the true inner value does not increase significantly.

In addition, the 417084 is yesterday BTC large transfers total growth of 43.15% over the same period last week the day before yesterday, large transfers of population growth 102.88%; nearly 7 days are large transfers for a total of 577256 yesterday, 27.75% lower than the total number of daily large transfers.

The news side, according to icoexaminer reports, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said the Commissioner Hester Peirce public interview, she believes ETF will launch a crypto currency. But she has repeatedly stressed, she expressed opinions are not necessarily SEC own ideas.


According to the analysis of Searchain.io data: ETH prices fell slightly yesterday, fell to the lowest point of 104. From the chain index feedback, which reflect the basic index of ETH yesterday the intrinsic value of the new address and active address has increased substantially, which increased by 31.36% compared with the new address of the new; compared with the same period a significant upward trend last week, up 13.43%; active address changes, a decrease of 1.81% over the same period last week.

From the chain index, compared with the previous day, trading activity increased significantly, exchange inflows increased 78.34%, exchange outflow increased 78.55%, the overall turnover rate of exchange have increased significantly, an increase of 60.39% compared to the day before yesterday. Transfer of large increase in the number of 161.97% than the day before yesterday. The whole chain of data compared with yesterday showed a substantial rise.

Based on the comprehensive index and chain indicators, because ETH fell yesterday, but attracted a large number of investors to make new admission hunters, investors increased significantly, the chain activity increased significantly, exchange trading enthusiasm has increased significantly, the rise of three kinds of index brought today’s ETH market rose.

In addition, the overall balance is ETH common exchange yesterday into the state, and the overall balance of ETH compared to the same period last week also showed that some inflow of state, throw the funds into a positive attitude to price change.

According to the analysis of the Alexa website, to fire currency as the representative of the official website page views exchange recently showed a downward stable stage, which reflects the new digital money market investors are reducing the amount of money has not yet entered a new, recently, by bitcoin prices, the market still needs time to release the panic, during this period, need to wait for keeping observation.

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