Researchers at the Finnish bank praised the premium currency system as revolutionary

nnnThree economists from the Finnish bank investigation agency issued a report on Bitcoin, praising the advantages of this digital money economic system, pointing out that it can enhance security and call for more experts to study it, Thereby promoting the application of the public sector to the technology. Although the report can not represent the official position of the Finnish bank, but the line in the block chain and Bitcoin work, its attitude is also more positive.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nFinnish central bank investigators said the economic system of digital currency Bitcoin was transformative.n
nGur Huberman, Jacob Leshno and Ciamac Moallemi, economists at the bank’s research center, released a report on Sept. 5 saying that the virtual currency infrastructure provides a way to prevent the protection of dangerous molecules through its protocol level.n
nThe report says:n
nn”Bitcoin is a monopoly that is manipulated by a protocol rather than a management, and the monopolies we are familiar with are manipulated by the governing body, which will decide at its own discretion and then change prices, products and rules. Monopolies are often regulated to prevent Or at least reduce their abuse of power. “n
nThe other main points of the reportn
nThe report also pointed out that since Bitcoin is run by agreement, there is no need for regulation. This is because the network will execute the bits of the bitcoin, and the user can decide for themselves (depending on how fast they want their transactions to be confirmed).n
nThe authors also suggested that other experts conduct more in-depth research on Bitcoin and its infrastructure.n
nn”The obvious function and practicality of Bitcoin should further encourage economists to study this superior structure.”n
nnFinnish banks work in block chain technology and Bitcoinn
nIt is important to note that the views of these researchers do not represent the official opinion of the Finnish bank. However, the importance of this report is unquestionable, because the bank does carry out work related to block chains and Bitcoin.n
nIn 2016, the bank organized a block-chain workshop to support local research projects on the technology. The seminar attracted local scholars, regulators and business participants.n
nAlthough strictly speaking, the report is only a few of the views of researchers, but they as a member of the Finnish bank’s official research institutions, its views are equally valuable.n

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