Resurgence Democratization, Giga Watt teamwork to build the world’s top mine

nAccording to Coinmarketcap statistics, the total value of the global currency in early June 2017 for the first time exceeded 100 billion US dollars mark (although the recent market decline, the deadline when the value of about 96.7 billion US dollars). There is no doubt that, although there are certain speculative factors, but the market itself shows that the digital currency and block chain is getting more and more recognition and application. Behind all this, the indispensable is the “mining” industry strong support. As we all know, mining and block chain industry is closely related, but also the existence of encrypted digital currency and the cornerstone of circulation.n
nHowever, for the present situation of mining industry, people are not without doubt. At first, we use our own computer CPU can be dug bitcoin, bit coin founder Ben Cong is to use his computer CPU dug out the world’s first creation of the block. However, the era of CPU personal mining has long been past, we entered a large-scale cluster mining era. Recently, with the popular market, domestic and foreign media have been concerned about the province of Sichuan Province to become a bit more currency mining capital of the most gathered in this topic. Data show that the current global 70% of the computing power gathered in China.n
nAccording to the current trend, the mining industry is increasingly specialized and grouped, the future may even monopolize. On the one hand, this trend can provide a more professional service support for the industry as a whole, but on the other hand, the role and benefits of individual participants are diminishing. This is undoubtedly a paradox for digital money and block chains that are centered on design and technical characteristics.n
nBut recently the ICa Giga Watt project is trying to provide another possibility of personal involvement in the mining industry.n
nFrom MegaBigPower to Giga Wattn
nProject founder Dave Carlson established MegaBigPower in the Pacific Northwest in 2012. For those familiar with the mining industry, it is remembered that it was one of the largest mines in North America and one of the world’s largest single mines. Thanks to Dave Carlson’s vision and leadership, this initiative has led to the development of Bitcoin into a new era. Since then, until 2016, MegaBigPower has focused on finding solutions for large-scale mining, such as upgrading technology, building storage facilities, providing service clients, and so on.n

nHowever, Dave Carlson is determined to make MegaBigPower new look, using the new model Giga Watt project was born.n
nGiga Watt is a new project based on two entities: Giga Watt Limited (encrypted currency mining operator) and GigaWatt Pte (Mineral Equipment Sales Company).n
nThe Giga Watt mine is located in the city of Werner, Washington, which has been known as the “power grid in the northwest power belt” because of the water and dams of the Columbia River. According to Dave himself,n
nn”China has a very low price, but we are also at the lowest price in the world.”n
nnAt present, Giga Watt has a 5 MW of mine equipment, and another 50 megawatts of mine equipment is under construction.n
nIt is important to note that one of the original intentions of the Giga Watt project was the democratization of mining. Dave Carlson also mentioned in an interview with the network video, he hopes to balance the concentration of mining in China’s ability to change the increasingly centralized mining situation, so that individual users can re-have the right channels to participate in professional mining.n
nIt is understood that, Giga Watt recently with the explosive development, in a few months time the team from less than 10 people expanded to 35 people. The team’s core members of sales, customer service, operations and technical support are highly specialized to meet customer demand for Giga Watt services. “We have built a good corporate culture, which is my most cherished and most in need of protection” Giga Watt founder and CEO Daven
nSaid Carlson.n
nSo how does Giga Watt work?n
nWTT tokens and ICOn
nThe Giga Watt project is currently launching a worldwide release of WTT tokens. As long as the person holding the tokens, it has a Giga Watt the world’s top mines in the next 50 years of mine free of charge.n
nnIn short, a WTT token corresponds to a 1-watt power plant. For example, if you need to manage the power consumption of 1350W miners, you only need to buy 1350 tokens can be so interested in the mining of individuals, only need to buy miners (from Giga Watt direct purchase or their own post To Giga Watt), you can enjoy a one-stop hosting service, all the mining benefits all owned by investors (only deduct cheap electricity and maintenance costs).n
nnAfter the scrap is discarded, the investor can purchase the new mine, and the token can still be used until the 50th year. “The 50 – year – old mine – free tenancy, perhaps the most attractive place for WTT tokens, no matter what kind of digital currency hegemony in the future, investors will always have the site free of charge for the top mine.n
nThere is a special need to mention Cryptonomos, a co-operative platform for collaboration with Giga Watt, which is also a tokig platform for cooperation with Giga Watt. Cryptonomos provides overall or separate services for projects such as Giga Watt, including the organization of tokens on-line, order creation, platform hosting, smart contract development, network security, financial management, and investor and public relations.n
nIt is understood that the Cryptonomos team is composed of block-chain enthusiasts, pioneers and experts, whose main task is to implement the process of coin. Unlike other block-tier technology companies, these team members come from all over the world and contribute to the company with a deep understanding of the local market.n
nThe interesting point is that although the previous mention of Dave Carlson expressed the hope that the project can balance China’s mining capacity, but the vigorous development of the Chinese market is clearly not Giga Watt and Cryptonomos ignored. Giga Watt also claims that it sees China as a strategic market,n
nn”The Chinese are very enthusiastic about the special currency and the associated mining industry, and it is clear that the Chinese will not miss the chain of technological revolution,” Dave said. “Considering that our team is the best team in the world, we firmly believe that we Can attract Chinese investors. “n
nnTo this end, the Giga Watt project will pick an investor, package ticket, the hotel free of charge to the United States Washington State Giga Watt mine visit to visit, on behalf of Chinese investors to conduct research. Interested readers may wish to focus on the text at the end of the two-dimensional code, enter the community to learn more.n
nFurther information about Giga Wattn
nGiga Watt is located in Veneto, Washington, providing integrated mining and custom mining kits. Giga Watt can provide one-stop mining services, including equipment sales, maintenance, repair, to provide private block chain services. For more information please visit:n
nPlease pay attention to Giga Watt China official WeChat public number, concerned about the click “join the community”, and thousands of miners to exchange, access to industry information.n


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