Retrieval of the Chain Chain Concept of Recycling Waste Transportation

nnnIn the UK, a company called Marine Transport International (MTI) will work with the recycling software FRED to conduct a chain-chain conceptual verification, hoping to link the recycling ecosystem to streamline recycling and shipping processes and save Its cost and time to improve the efficiency of the industry. This experiment has a positive impact on environmental protection and resources, and if successful, will make more people aware of the advantages of the block chain.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nBritish company Marine Transport International (MTI) has launched a proof of concept (PoC) test, which aims to link the parties involved in recycling the supply chain through block-chain technology. By working with FRED, the UK’s most popular recycling software, the trial will link the parties to the recycling ecosystem, including suppliers, shippers and port operators.n
nThe program hopes to improve the efficiency of the recycling industry through a chain-driven container shipping concept.n
nMTI CEO Jody Cleworth further commented:n
nn”FRED is the leader in the UK recycling software market and we are pleased to work with them to demonstrate this conceptual demonstration to demonstrate the practical application of our block-chain technology in the recycling supply chain.” Working with Phil and its team We are able to share the data of all the carriers, carriers, carriers and ports needed to process the goods without increasing the workload. The transport of the recovered goods has been strictly regulated and we have really simplified the Its process, which can save a lot of time and money for less regulated goods. “n

nMTI Chief Executive Officer: Jody Cleworthn
nRecycling of waste transport connectionsn
nMTI’s COMSHIP is a block-driven data structure that can:n
nnCreate a permanent digital public transaction bookn
nShare your data in a distributed network of computersn
nAdd a book record in a safe way, without a central organization.n
nnThe block chain’s attraction to MTI in its validation function, immutability and global accessibility. For example, a designated party can use cell phones, tablets, and PCs to record and retrieve block-chain data anywhere in the world. This reduces the need for expensive and private infrastructure.n
nCOMSHIP includes rating system and booking platform. This allows customers to search or even upload prices. These prices will be connected directly to the reservation system, and the reservation system will be connected to the global operator via the block chain.n
nIn fact, the MTI block chain means that carriers, shipping agents, port operators and shipping companies can instantly share consistent information. In contrast, in the traditional way of work, all the data need to be uploaded to the parties to the system. This involves many e-mail and paper documents. Because this requires a lot of manual operation and many steps, there will be errors or even conflicting information. Which in turn will delay or even hinder the completion of the business.n
nSo MTI uses the block chain:n
nnSimplify the supply chainn
nIn view of the security provided by the block chain, the data processing is more reliable.n
n”FRED” (fast remote data entry) was developed in 1985. The original version was tailored for two customers. Later, FRED continued to improve, has now become the UK recycling industry software leader. FRED fifth generation launched in 2012, every day will increase about 500 users.n
nFRED has been in close contact with Sage since 1986. FRED developer Increase Computers is a fully licensed Sage business partner and developer. FRED’s function provides Sage with a comprehensive solution for collecting written records from scrap.n
nMr. Phil, Managing Director of Increase Computers, commented:n
nn”By applying the block chain to the on-site process, we have grasped an important opportunity to help the recycling industry greatly simplify its mode of transport.” There is now a lot of discussion about the block chain, and by virtue of this proof, we are involved in a We have a plug-in that connects to the MTI network, which means that we can support customers and all participants in the supply chain to share their shipping information. The advantage of the MTI technology is that it has the advantage of having a great global potential. Can be combined with other systems, although it is best that everyone is in the same network, but even if we can not achieve this, we can still connect with them through existing equipment. In addition, it also eliminates the booking of goods and handling items The arduous process.n
nwhat does this mean n
nThis MTI / FRED program is a proof of concept. While not all of the proof of concept will succeed, MTI, which has offices in the United States and the United Kingdom, is a shipping network with experience in block chain technology.n
nSimilarly, FRED also has a user base, these users need to transport waste to the destination. This involves carriers, shipping, port operators and shipping companies, and these are where MTI can play a role.n
nIf this proof of concept succeeds, Increase Computers wants to promote this block-chain application to its customer base. Although the block chain is not directly associated with FRED, it allows FRED customers to use block-chain services. This will make the recycling industry less familiar with the block chain.n

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