Reuters: Block chain technology into the car sharing, mobile services

nnnOn Wednesday, accounting firm Ernst u0026 Young (EY) said it is launching a block-based chain system that makes it easier for companies or individual groups to share vehicle ownership, using cars and trucks, according to Reuters. The chain technology is the underlying technology of the encrypted currency, which is entering the automotive industry as well as the area of ​​vehicle sharing. Previously, Toyota has also indicated that Toyota Research will work with a number of companies to develop block-based applications.n
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nDetroit (Reuters) – The underlying technology for encrypted currency bitcoins is entering the automotive industry as well as vehicle sharing.n
nErnst u0026 Young, an accounting firm Ernst u0026 Young (EY), said on Wednesday it plans to launch a block-based chain that makes it easier for companies or individual groups to share vehicle ownership and use cars and trucks. Ernst u0026 Young partner John Simlett said in an interview with Reuters that Ernst u0026 Young may work with its partners to deploy a system called Tesseract in the next quarter, but does not specify who the partner of the test is.n
nThe concept of vehicle sharing is not new to the automotive industry, but the use of block chain technology to record vehicle ownership, registration of vehicle usage, sharing of insurance costs and other transactions are still in its infancy.n
nToyota Motor Corporation (7203.T) said in May that its Toyota Research Institute will work with MIT researchers, including BigchainDB in Berlin, Oaken Innovations in Dallas and Toronto, and the Israeli start-up company Commuterz to develop The application of block chain. Toyota said it is also working with partners to develop a chain-based chain system based on the use of insurance products.n
nErnst u0026 Young’s Simlett says the block chain system can be used to share and share ownership of large numbers of vehicles, such as cars parked in high-rise car parks, where residents can use them as needed, and only need access to smartphones The right to use.n
nBlock-chain technology enables shared access to data maintained by a computer network, rather than a trusted third party.n
nAnd early this month, 10 large food and retail companies also said they have joined the IBM (IBM.N) plan to study how the block chain system used in the food supply chain.n
nMicrosoft Corporation (MSFT.O) has also said it is developing a so-called CoCo framework to reduce the complexity of applying block-chain technology to commercial transactions.n
nFinancial services companies and stock exchanges are also exploring the use of block-chain technology. Alphabet Inc (GOOGL.O) venture capital firm in June had a London start-up company Blockchain to finance the development of customers and businesses to use Bitcoin and other digital currency software.n

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