Ribo blockchain network to increase China’s payment service providers

nRunaway Comment: With the approval of the central bank, China Unicom announced that it has joined Ribo Networks to provide its customers with real-time cross-border payment service with its XCurrent solution. Although the service does not use Repo’s native currency, the service already has more than 100 partner companies.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Chinese payment service providers will pay RippleNet again and again to pay for cross-border transactions using Rebott’s blockchain technology.n
The announcement on February 7 said it will use Rebo’s xCurrent solution to pay out in tandem to provide existing customers the same-day cross-border dealings on the blockchain. This product is different from xRapid, which uses Rebo’s native currency XRP.n
Repeatedly pay CEO Liu Yongan said:n
n”With RippleNet, we will enhance the user experience by providing blockchain-based real-time payment for the 19 currencies currently supported by the company.”n
nRebo pointed out that the current cooperation with Lianpian will allow existing RippleNet members to connect with the Chinese market.n
Lianliankan payment was established in 2003, is approved by the central bank electronic remittance service providers. The cooperation with the bank has made the company a third-party payment tool on the e-commerce platform such as Jingdong.n
The recurring payment becomes the newest member of RippleNet, with more than a hundred currently using Rexroth’s xCurrent solutions.n

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