Ripple re-worked with Superbook to develop Interledger

nnnRipple before the Ripple had planned to cooperate with the super books, but in view of some of the differences between the two sides failed to achieve. At present, one of the founding members of the super account NTT Data is actively developing a new version of Interleder, making Ripple see the new hope of working with it. The two companies are actively contributing to this cooperation, the development results have been submitted to the super books, if you can get the organization’s recognition, the parties will benefit through this cooperation.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nRipple and super books may soon have the opportunity to re-start cooperation.n
nRipple had previously promised to provide code for the open source repository of the Superbook Block Chain Association, but the two sides had divergent views on the block chain design and then parted ways. Members of the Superbook are focused on private chains that require permission to join, while Ripple develops mixed technology, and its encrypted currency is easier to think of public chains.n
nHowever, the two companies found a possible combination of Cupid, that is, the Japanese system integration company NTT Data.n
nNTT Data (through its subsidiary Everis) from July 2016 to develop a new version of the Ripple open source Interterger Protocol (cross-book agreement), which led to the cooperation opportunities. The plan is to use the Java computing language to re-implement Interledger, because Interleger currently only use JavaScript.n
nWhen Ripple learned that NTT Data was rebuilding the platform, it was not only interested in it, but also wanted to help.n
nThe two companies have submitted the results of the cooperation to the super book, NTT Data is one of the founding members of the super books. If the results are recognized, the implementation of the new version of Interledger may not only mean that the developer can use the new language, but also means connecting super books all open source code library (including Fabric, Sawtooth and Burrow) bridge.n
nRipple’s chief technology officer Stefan Thomas in CoinDesk’s exclusive interview revealed the enthusiasm of this attempt, but also pointed out that still need to overcome some obstacles in order to finalize the final with the super account.n
nThomas said:n
nn”We are supporting this attempt, but there are still many decisions to do.”n
nCombined with the block chainn
nThe white paper published by Interledger in November 2015 describes it as a bridge between traditional bank books, public chains and private chains, which have evolved into products that can be traded in as many as seven different books.n
nAccording to Isaac Arruebarrena, project manager for Everra’s block chain, NTT Data is increasingly seen as a way to connect customers to a variety of “worldwide pay networks”.n
nIn an interview with CoinDesk, Arruebarrena said NTT Data, a $ 15.7 billion (17 trillion yen) sales last year, was a founding member of the Superbook, which sees Interledger as one of its basic strategies.n
n”Our main goal is to be the best technology partner for partner companies,” he said, adding that although there is a complex relationship between Interledger and Superbook, he will try to combine the two.n
nHe said:n
nn”We are determined to contribute to the development of the Interlerger agreement in order to achieve interoperability between the distributed books platform and the existing books of financial institutions.”n
nCooperation beginsn
nHowever, according to Brian Behlendorf, executive director of the project, NTT Data must complete a few things before moving the Ripple proposal to the superbook.n
nThe first is the official choice of a name, its current name is “Hyperledger Intergerger-Java”, reflecting the key features of the platform, but more mouthful.n
nSuperbook members are currently discussing how to make the name of the platform easier to understand and easier to apply for a trademark. Candidate names include Hyperledger Connect, Hyperledger Liquid, Hyperledger QuILt (IL on behalf of Interleger) and Hyperledger Jill (Java and Interleger mixed words).n
nBehlendorf said that in addition to co-naming, the technical steering committee is evaluating the code, the fastest decision to accept or reject next week, and will make a decision at the latest.n
nHe pointed out that once the code was approved, the cooperation would enter the process as an incubation project, “and then the fun came.”n
nBehlendorf concludes:n
nn”Interlerger seems to be a powerful way to connect various chains to transfer information and transfer assets, which I personally hope that super books can accept the advantage.”n

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