Ripple reboxetine currency fell to the lowest value, the bitcoin Bitcoin fell to a 14 month low

With bitcoin cash (Bitcoin Cash, referred to as BCH) in the past seven days fell more than 50%, as well as the leading alternative currency bitcoin (Bitcoin BTC, noted that the current market sentiment) decline certainly will reach at least two digits.

According to the historical data of Coinmarketcap and market performance, by market value, XRP is the second largest coin, but still higher than the year lows against the dollar to $0.2441. The XRP/USD in the past 24 hours fell 11%, fell 26.55% last week.

If the rumors of cooperation with the Bank of America to be realized, Ripple is ready When a fork in November 15th, began the war between BCHSV and BCHABC hash, bitcoin has also suffered a heavy blow. Bitcoin is a market leader in the leading position of more than 50%, which means the price response will affect the other part of the market. This is what happened. Bitcoin fell, other markets fell. But XRP seems to be in a better position.

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Source: ethereumworldnews

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