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Ripple Inc has experienced considerable growth in 2018. XRP has not only been recognized institutions, but also gained considerable recognition in China, XRP fans and followers of the group seemed stronger every day and outstanding. According to Corey Johnson, chief strategist at Ripple (Cory Johnson) said that due to the popularity of Ripple is far more than just a publicity campaign. Stephen Deep (Steven Diep) in an interview published recently, Corey Johnson (Cory Johnson) said that although in accordance with the present standard, bitcoin is constructed of “bad”, but the development of XRP in many ways more than it:

– bitcoin has the technical limitations of some real The basic value reflects the value of the development of digital assets. So far, XRP has been used bitcoin

For Mr Johnson, one of the most important features of the Ripple block chain is the number of each project per second can handle affairs:

“Bitcoin can really do exist technical limitations in terms of the number of transactions per hour.” He said: “XRP per minute 1500 trading. Not to mention…… Not even talk about every minute…… 1500 transactions per second XRP.”

In the shortest time to deal with a large number of transactions is to ensure that the project in the future large-scale use and scalability of key aspects.

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