Robert Jackson, a professor of law in Colombia, was appointed as a member of the SEC

nnnRobert Jackson, a professor of law at the Columbia University School of Law, was appointed by the President of the United States to be a member of the US Securities and Futures Commission for a term of office until May 2019. His curriculum includes the University of Columbia corporate law and policy course director, the financial crisis during the Ministry of Finance senior adviser to assist Feenberg to complete the “bad asset rescue plan.” The position of the SFC members will be adjusted.n
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nRobert Jackson, a professor of law at the Columbia Law School, was appointed by the US President Trump to the Securities and Exchange Commission for a term of office until May 2019.n
nJackson resumen
nJackson’s curriculum includes a senior advisor to the Columbia University Corporate Law and Policy Program, a senior adviser to the Treasury during the financial crisis, and Kenneth Feinberg to complete the TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program). Feynberg’s mission is to supervise the project’s executive pay.n
nJackson has several degrees, including two bachelor’s degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, an MBA from Wharton, a Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, a Harvard University Law degree.n
nJackson teamn
nThe last Democrat was Kara Stein, whose term was recently ended, but could continue until he found the next. Jackson will replace her position.n
nThe White House also appointed Republican Hester Pierce to fill another vacant board of seats. Once the Senate confirms its appointment, Pierce’s term will continue until June 5, 2020. Pierce may fill the previous position of Luis Aguilar.n
nKatherine Brunnet McGuire is currently the director of the Republican Randy Hultgren and the director of the Senate Mike Enzi, R-Wyo, Senate Health, Education and Labor Committee (HELP, Senate Health, Education and Pensions Committee).n

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