Rotterdam in the Netherlands to set up a chain of chain laboratories

nnThe first project of the new laboratory includes the stock financing of the port logistics department, which includes Exact and the Bank of the Netherlands. The first project of the new laboratory includes the stock financing of the port logistics department. The project developers include Exact and the Bank of the Netherlands. The lab will also serve as a knowledge center for the region’s private sector.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Rotterdam, Rotterdam, the Netherlands and the Rotterdam Port Authority jointly launched the Chain Chain Technology Development Laboratory. This new lab is called BlockLab.n
Block chains are seen as the most important areas of innovation today. The idea behind the technology is that users can trade without a third party. Data technology to ensure that the necessary checks and balances to ensure that the transaction processing automatically. This may be more effective than ever before to build large-scale networks, chains and markets, and do not require regulatory leadership. The technology can be used for companies, individuals, and even machines. For example, the block chain is the underlying technology of the encrypted currency bitcoin.n
“The block chain is full of speculation, but there are not really a lot of well-developed applications, and we will change the status quo through BlockLab, which is important because we need real,” said Rinke Zonneveld, director of the company’s support for innovationQuarter, a regional development firm. Innovation to start the next economy, block chains can help us achieve it. “n
Blocks allow users to create a decentralized grid, where the company can trade surplus heat, and urban residents can trade electricity. This provides new impetus to port and urban energy transformation. Port Authority Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Allard Castelein said:n
n”It’s just that we can be interested, but I still want the chain of chains to bring countless applications to the logistics chain, so that we can organize the goods more efficiently.” This step seamlessly connects our ‘smart Port ‘goal’.n
nThe first project in the new lab includes stock financing for the port logistics sector, which includes Exact and ABN AMRO.n
The BlockLab lab will begin with five core teams at the Cambridge Innovation Center in Rotterdam. In the lab, the block chain theory will be developed and tested in real-world environments, including developers and users. In addition, the laboratory will serve as a regional private sector knowledge center. The team will work with the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences to develop a program to guide new researchers.n

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