Ruibo distributed classification of books to verify the network breakthrough 50 mark

nnnIn less than two months, the Ribler network of distributed classifieds software software has more than doubled the size of the network, which has now broken through 50 to 55 participants, according to CoinDesk’s exclusive news. It is reported that the next few months, Ruibo trusted node operator list will also add two third-party verifier.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nAccording to CoinDesk received the exclusive news that in less than two months, the distributed classification books software provider Ripple (Ripple) network size has more than doubled.n
nSince May this year, the inter-bank network of certifiers for start-up companies has expanded by 140% to 55 participants, and all of these participants are now maintaining XRP classifications (which previously became Reebok’s books) The operation of the software to help them agree on the transaction settlement orders.n
nThese new certifiers include WorldLink, Telindus-Proximus Group, Swedish ISP, Bahnhof, and AT TOKYO, a data center and system integration service provider.n
nReba Chief Technology Officer Stefan Thomas told CoinDesk:n
nn”Our new and existing certifiers represent some of the world’s top corporate trusteeships, and by continually expanding and enriching this group, we are confident that the security and performance of XRP classified books will outweigh other digital assets.”n
nnIt was reported that the companies that joined the Rebel Verifier network also included Microsoft, MIT and CGI.n
nIn addition, the announcement helps to describe the development of XRP classified books in order to meet the user’s desire to take advantage of their native encrypted currency.n
nAt the beginning of this year, the Swiss currency has experienced a turbulent year, in May this year reached a record high of $ 0.33, but as the recent encrypted money market overall crash, the Swiss dollar has now slipped to $ 0.18.n
nOver the next few months, Raytheon plans to add two third-party certifiers to its trusted node operator’s unique node list (UNLs).n

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