Russia: bitcoin money laundering suspects a hunger strike before the trial

According to the Russian TASS local news media recently released news that Alexander Vennik, cyber criminals suspected of money laundering bitcoin, a hunger strike is before the trial.

On behalf of the lawyer Timofey Musatov said Wernick, he accused the Greek Supreme Court and colleagues a few days ago. Musatov at the same time to all interested people warned that his party will be a hunger strike before Monday to protest the Greek Supreme Court treated him the way.

It is one of the Zoya Constantopoulous lawyer Wernick earlier this week in France because the extradition documents not incidental Russian translation, but this is blamed on her clients is Russia’s national political and racial discrimination. Musatov also said that in view of the judicial department provided no other choice, Wernick ready.

Greece was arrested last year in the international media reports of Russian suspects had been detained for more than a year, as countries continue to fight for his extradition. Wernick was charged after the operator BTC-e exchange and the American owner of TradeHill, the exchange provides billions of dollars of money laundering service for alleged criminal activities in Russia and other countries. In the last year to be extradited to the United States, the Greek court reviewed its earlier decision and decided to extradite to his native russia. However, according to the extradition of France in June to decentralization, the Supreme Court will ultimately decide to postpone this month 29 days.

Before next Thursday’s hearing, the lawyer in charge said Wernick Greek court is planning to continue to consider this matter, despite France’s extradition order has expired: according to Musatov, the extradition order issued in June only 90 days. Nevertheless, the court filed a lawsuit to make lawyers feel upset.

He accepted the media interview said: “the Greek Supreme Court justices completely ignore those who cannot even petition the lawyer’s job.” He talked about the indifference of the court. “She didn’t speak or give them the opportunity to do. In this case, to observe, Alexander realized that he can get a fair trial, or death.”

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