Russia intends to compete against China in the field of Bitcoin Mining

nnnRussia’s President Vladimir Putin’s Internet consultant Dmitry Marichinev co-owned a company whose issuer’s tokens RMC conducted ICO financing to raise $ 100 million in encrypted currency for manufacturing mining equipment, Become the center of global mining.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nBloomberg reported that a company co-owned by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Internet consultant Dmitry Marichinev plans to raise $ 100 million in encrypted currency to support Russia’s challenge to China’s bit-currency mining.n
nRussian Miner Company finances through ICO. ICO is becoming increasingly popular with encrypted currency corporate finance, similar to the IPO of listed companies. In ICO, the start-up company provides tokens, representing the company’s potential earnings share, which can be exchanged for French or encrypted currencies to support the early development of start-up companies.n
nThe token here is the Russian Miner Company’s RMC, representing the 18% interest of the holder in the company’s mining equipment income, and the RMC receives the bitcoin and the currency to pay its tokens.n
nThe first phase of the ICO began last week, which will last until August 25, the second stage from August 28 to September 2.n
nLast week Putin’s adviser Dmitry Marichinev announced the project. It is a joint venture between the party for growth politician and the Waves block chain developer. In short, bit coin mining is the calculation of work. Mining can verify the block chain books. If you add a transaction to a block chain book, you can earn 12.5 bit coins, or about $ 42,500.n
nThis is an incredible energy-intensive process that requires special computers and chips. It is important to note that the Russian Mining Company is not only a mining company, but also plans to enter the encrypted currency mining area in a more conspicuous way: want to make mining equipment. Marichinev said in a press release that $ 10 million in ICO will be used to develop and manufacture more efficient processors.n
nWith the Russian 20GW of electricity and low electricity, Marichinev is confident that “the future, Russia has reached the global encryption of 30% share of potential potential.”n
nObviously, Boris Titov, Russia’s billionaire, said that RMC’s ambition is more than one dollar mining. Russian Miner Coin and Waves will be a pre-ICO verification platform to ensure that ICO is safe and potential investors can invest with confidence.n

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