Russia plans to ban the sale of digital money to “ordinary people”

nnnFrom the recent report, Russia seems to have begun to accelerate the pace of chain and digital currency, but its vice minister of finance said it plans to ban “ordinary people” to buy digital money, because this investment risk, will cause Their economic loss. Such an initiative may not help Russia to achieve the development of the field, and with its previous encouraging remarks contradictory. The fate of the technology in Russia seems to be more elusive.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nAlexey Moiseev, deputy head of the Russian finance ministry, said, “it is difficult to confirm that the digital currency is not a pyramid scam,” and suddenly plans to ban its sales.n
nMoiseev said in an interview with local television channel Rossiya 24 that the government would like to allow only “qualified investors” and those who “have reason” to buy encrypted assets to buy digital money.n
nn”I’m talking about qualified investors, not private investors.” He also reiterated the so-called “pyramid scam”.n
n”Ordinary people can not buy digital money because these investments are very dangerous and can lead to money loss.”n
nContradictory remarksn
nJust a few weeks ago, the Russian government supported a Bitcoan mining company just announced to finance $ 100 million to compete with China for market share.n
nThese new plans to regulate digital money mean that the Moscow Stock Exchange will be the only platform for investors to trade Bitcoin and other digital currencies.n
nRegulators’ previous comments indicate that BitRuble, Russia’s current development by the central bank, will have more market freedom than “traditional” digital currencies.n
nMoiseev added:n
nn”We do not call the currency as a currency and it will not be treated as a currency.”n
nnThe news is very brief and does not mention how the authorities plan to prevent citizens from buying digital money. There may be a move to intercept an exchange page in the future, similar to what regulators did a few years ago.n

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