Russian Deputy Prime Minister claims to support the state endorsed by the encrypted currency

nnnThe Russian government has strictly forbidden any alternative ruble money project creation and dissemination, this heated debate, and even consider the use of penalties. But the Russian domestic officials have gradually encrypted voice, publicly expressed support to reverse the domestic media trend. Including the previous meeting of the vice president of the Russian central bank, the recent deputy prime minister, Putin and the founder of the ether square, the government investment in the calculation of bitcover news. However, before the legal supervision in place, the specific project has not yet begun.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nA senior Russian official expressed support for the state’s endorsement of the encrypted currency.n
nIn an interview with Russian television station RBC, First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov expressed support for the “encrypted ruble”, provided that security measures were in place.n
nn”This theme will develop, but its development can not put the national economy in danger, but to make it more powerful.”n
nnShuvalov was not the first Russian official to comment on a block-based ruble. In fact, Skorobogatova, vice president of the Bank of Russia, said in February that the country’s currency was “just a matter of time.” After extensive discussion within the central bank, the final decision to promote the relevant projects.n
nThe Russian government explores block-chain technology in a number of areas, including health officials testing the use of block-chain technology to exchange patient information. In the early summer of this year, President Vladimir Putin held a brief meeting with Vitalik Buterin, founder of the tower.n
nIn an interview with RBC, Shuvalov confirmed that the government was considering investing in encrypted currency mining resources, after a news report that a consultant from President Vladimir Putin was creating his own digging business.n
nRussia’s idea of ​​investing in encrypted currency mining facilities is itself very eye-catching because domestic legislators have argued by taking stringent measures to prohibit the creation and dissemination of so-called “alternative currencies”, including sentences.n
nShuvalov said, but the direction of the effort is still the earliest stage.n
nn”But despite the fact that there are no specific projects in order to develop such centers, it is necessary to prepare appropriate legislation and regulation.”n

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