Russian scientists nuclear laboratory was arrested for mining

nRunaway Comment: News reports that several Russian scientists were arrested for using computers supervised by the nuclear research facility secretly, and were facing criminal charges. The laboratory used to be the site where the former Soviet Union produced the first nuclear bomb, and because of the importance of facility safety, the computers here are often not networked.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Reports show that several scientists working on Russian nuclear weapons research facilities were arrested for mining their work sites.n
Interfax and BBC News show that these unnamed scientists have been referred to the Federal Security Service (FSB).n
The Scientific Research Institute for Experimental Physics states that “unauthorized use of computer facilities for private use, including so-called mining, exists.”n
It is reported that these scientists use a supercomputer in the facility for mining; mining is an energy-intensive process that adds trades to the blockchain (and is rewarded in token tokens). Research Center security department received a warning, the computer network facilities (according to sources pointed out that for security reasons, this computer is usually not online).n
Interfax said these scientists may face criminal charges following their arrest.n
The laboratory, which was founded in 1947, is known for having made the first nuclear bomb here in the former Soviet Union.n

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