Safello is the world’s top emulsifier company Techstars Watch

Safello is the world’s top emulsifier company Techstars Watch

Safello was founded in 2013, in the bitcoin industry have a higher visibility and reputation. Friendly Safello application has great attraction in europe. It offers the possibility to enter a convenient bitcoin. To date, Safello digital currency trading infrastructure distribution in 32 European countries, including direct payment systems like Bankgiro, SEPA, International and Wire and Swish as payment option.

A good news is that Safello bitcoin company has been startup incubator Techstars’s accelerator balek selected as one of the 10 companies in the spring of 2015 plan. The company not only submitted and passed. Submit competing companies have hundreds, and ultimately selected only 10 potential companies, while safello was lucky enough to become one of them.

Techstars executive director Greg Rogers said:

“We are very pleased to Safello in this list. Until now, we are still on the efficiency of the Safello management team surprised. We expect the company will not only speed up their online activities, but also improve the technology innovation bitcoin in changing the interaction between consumers and financial transactions.

Safello CEO and co-founder Frank Schuil said:

“We are very pleased to have the opportunity and world-class instructors working with Techstars. We hope to accelerate our progress from now on.

Techstars Barclays accelerator is designed to help enterprises gain rapid development.

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