Salute these years lost bitcoin exchange

Salute these years lost bitcoin exchange

Since the birth of bitcoin now has more than 7 years, in these 7 years, we have witnessed a bitcoin exchange was born and die, so far the number of bitcoin exchange continues to operate? What bitcoin exchanges have put up the shutters up?

To create such a list is a bit difficult, but according to the BraveNewCoin tracking, about 111 bitcoin exchange, but bitcoin wiki recorded 162 bitcoin exchange. But due to the regional and language barriers, some exchanges may not counted.

Some of these exchanges have closed down or be taken over, BraveNewCoin lists the 36 or bankruptcyor takeover bitcoin exchange.

BitcoinMarket (bitcoin market)

The exchange in February 6, 2010 by the Bitcointalk user “dwdollar” to create, is the world’s first bitcoin exchange. But in June of the same year, the exchange was Paypal fraud, removed the Paypal payment option, then the trading volume shrinking rapidly, after being established beyond the exchange MtGox. Still do not know the specific date of the closing of the exchange.

MtGox (Mentougou)

Mentougou is probably the most famous bitcoin exchange. The exchange by the current star coins CTO Jed Mackay lebu (JedMcCaleb)? In 2010 July, was sold in March 6, 2011 to Mark? Karp DeGeneres (MarkKarpel s). When the peak of the transaction, the exchange processing bitcoin transactions accounted for all bitcoin exchange 70%. Began to decline from the beginning of 2014 February, the exchange to suspend trading, closed its website, and filed for bankruptcy protection, while the 850 thousand bitcoin (then worth about 450 million dollars) from the user account vanished. CEO Mark has been the Japanese police repeatedly arrested and detained, still in prison, and lost most of the funds are still missing.


The exchange was established in June 8, 2011 February 13, 2012, the Exchange announced the closure, according to the exchange said, is because of regulatory problems, a loss of $100 thousand, and the payment processing business disputes.


The exchange is headquartered in Paris, was established in December 29, 2010. The exchange is the first European regulatory bitcoin exchange in accordance with the operation, for the user to provide security deposit currency. But due to the lack of user, the exchange eventually closed.


The exchange was established in September 8, 2011 March 1, 2012, the exchange suffered significant financial losses, the reason is that the system of internal security vulnerabilities, provides a platform to steal funding opportunities for hackers, more than 43000 bitcoin attacker. This exchange provides a statement, said the reserve funds sufficient to compensate for the loss, but unfortunately the exchange in May 11, 2012 once again suffered hacker attacks, the hot wallet bitcoin was hollowed out, leading to the closure of the immediately.


The headquarters is located in Nigeria stock exchange. Not long ago, which is October 14th, the Exchange announced that it will close the platform, but did not disclose the specific date of closure, so far, the exchange is running a total of 10 months. To remind the user to exchange in October 30th before the money all go, and recommend another Nigeria bitcoin exchange NairaEx to users.


Don’t put the exchange and is still in operation on the Cryptotrade exchange confusion, March 2013. This platform shares bitcoin or Wright currency based on the issue of bonus and claim. However, in claiming that suffered losses, unable to pay its expenses, the company was closed in 2015 February.


The exchange provides digital currency exchange services to users, users do not need to pay transaction fees. The exchange launched in July 6, 2011, but a year later, in December 19, 2012, to close its trading platform, the reason is difficult to establish cooperation between the Bank of england.


The exchange is small bitcoin exchange a small company, registered the name “Shanghai yaochi Network Technology Co., Ltd., founded in November 26, 2013. Due to the business losses, the company announced the closure of the platform.


The exchange was founded in March 31, 2011, is Brazil’s first bitcoin exchange, the platform was later closed, but do not know the exact date of the closing.

The bitcoin exchange was established in April 5, 2012, offers a variety of digital currency trading platform to the user, the initial operating in good condition, but soon the platform operators began operation by user speculative funds, the level of service platform is declining, in December 21, 2012, operators announced the closure of platform, and recognize the speculative profits by using client funds, resulting in the loss of 20 thousand users a bitcoin.


The exchange was established in February 2012, headquartered in New York, is the first in the FinCEN (financial crime enforcement network) registered bitcoin exchange. But in September 3, 2012, the platform was hacked, the loss of 24000 bitcoins, was worth about $250 thousand. The reason is the server loopholes that allow hackers to steal the wallet key backup file. Until April 17, 2013 to resume operation, but soon the cooperative banks cut off Bitfloor account, Bitfloor was forced to shut down.


The exchange was established in April 4, 2011, is the first bitcoin exchange in Poland. In July 26, 2011, Bitomat said foreign users platform 17000 bitcoin is lost take wings to itself, wallet.dat file. In August 11, 2011, the platform was bought by Mt.Gox.

Britcoin Trading – opened in April 17, 2013, is the first market to accept Sterling (GBP). In August 2011, britcoin renamed intersango, now.


The exchange on April 17, 2013 on the line, is the first to accept Sterling trading platform, August 2011, the exchange was renamed “Intersango”, but Defu has now closed.


The exchange in 2013 October officially launched, headquartered in canada. Closed in February 5, 2015, the founder of the company now turn into a new venture capital industry.


The exchange is a Swedish trading platform, launched in April 18, 2012. However, in December 2013, the platform appeared to cash difficulties problems by Reddit users suspected of fraud”.


The exchange was established in December 2012, although the exchange also exists, but the recent transaction date is December 26, 2013 on the platform.


The exchange was established in September 2013, is a Russian exchange. But according to the BitcoinTalk user, the exchange has been shut down.


This is a Russian Exchange, launched in July 2013. The operation for nearly a year, in March 2014, the company claimed that the wallet was hacked, all the stolen bitcoin platform. In December 2015 the exchange shut down suddenly disappeared, Bitcointalk users believe that the trading platform is obviously a scam.


The exchange was established in February 2014 to provide a variety of digital currency exchange service for users. In March, the company claims to the user because the Black Coin protection system loopholes, which lead to the black money stolen. Just a month later, claiming to be a former employee of the exchange of Reddit users, broke the foreign exchange fraud behavior of users.


The exchange launched in September 2013. Of course, the site later disappeared, since the beginning of November 15, 2014 announced “site in the maintenance period”.


The exchange in July 2014 soon, Chen Chengli, claimed that the company was hacked, the loss of VeriCoin. In October 2014, Mintpal Moolah announced the operation to close the transaction platform. Bitcointalk has a lot of friends talk CEO Mintpal is a liar. In February 2015, the site owner Ryan Kennedy (RyanKennedy) was arrested more than 3700 bitcoins stolen.


7 months ago, SwissCEX announced the closure, but the company claims to have solvency one hundred percent.


The exchange officially launched before the message said on its website, allowing users to experience the first test a small amount of transactions. However, users of the exchange and the operators Moolah this approach have doubts.


The exchange launched in February 2013, the headquarters is located in Vancouver. The exchange on June 2013 announced the suspension of trading, since then, has not heard any news of the closing.


The exchange is headquartered in Estonia, the completion of the site test in March 2014. But in July of the same year, the company was out of business.


In March 2015, closed, operators claim that the website to pause for WordPress development, resulting in the loss of customers has a small amount of money.


The exchange of tweets in March 2015 announced the imminent closure of the trading platform.


In May 2014, Hongkong bitcoin start-up company Melotic announced the closure of its digital currency trading platform, the reason is the lack of platform users and sufficient volume.


BitYes in August 31, 2015 by the fire and currency acquisition.


Yacuna is the compliance of digital currency trading platform company headquartered in the UK, with bitcoin, Wright currency, the euro and the pound dog currency exchange service. In October 13, 2015 the company announced that it will close the transaction platform in November 15, 2015.


The exchange officially launched in July 2014, provides a number of encryption currency trading services, but at the beginning of this year, the trading platform is proved to be a hoax”.


In February this year, the exchange said the platform by hackers, March, the platform announced, is preparing to launch a new Excoin trading platform.


This is a Hongkong based bitcoin exchange, announced in April this year to the end of 2015, will close its trading service, to operate its remittance service.


At the end of 2013, according to the Federal Bureau of investigation files, Mexico bitcoin exchange fraud, founder of the stock exchange in July 2015 accused the FBI accused Anthony? Murgui (AnthonyMurgio) and Yuri Lebedev (YuriLebedev)? The illegal unlicensed bitcoin exchange, and alleged violations of federal anti money laundering (AML) method.


The exchange is headquartered in Texas, founded at the beginning of this year, but less than a year, in August this year announced the closure, but the company claims that the closure of Harborly not the result of a hacker attack, there is not any fraud or other security related behavior, although the above reasons often lead to some companies closed, but does not exist the above situation on Harborly.


From the above point of view, the 36 closed bitcoin Exchange Division, there are two is acquired, there are two collapsed due to the loss of a relationship with the bank, there are 16 due to financial difficulties and give up continue to operate, and the 16 exchanges, 4 said they have hacked down, there are 4 because involved illegal and shut down. It is estimated that there are nearly 950 thousand bitcoin lost.

The Mt.Gox event is attracted much attention, the legendary venture capitalist Fred Wilson (FredWilson) said,

“We are witnessing an industry gradually mature, some failure is inevitable. According to my observation, almost every kind of emerging technology will experience the “growing pains”.

Venture capitalist Mark? Andreasen (MarcAndreessen) also said:

“There is no doubt that every major new technology to experience the pain of childbirth”. The computer is such, the Internet is so, then bitcoin will certainly like. But our passion for it and trust will not change.”

In the view of pursuing market “Darwinism”, from the hands of the people of capital transferred to those who can create better products in the hands of people, is a good thing. Darwinism suggests that a similar market, through the “survival of the fittest in natural selection of natural selection, survival of the fittest” process can become more mature. These 36 or bankruptcyor takeover will bitcoin exchange may be the bitcoin industry to mature performance.

In addition, the user can see the funds vulnerable to hacker attacks, or exchange by fraud and so on, always bear the various risks. Although these failed bitcoin exchange has caused many negative effects, but they also promoted the development of the bitcoin ecosystem, because until now the exchange can be said that after the test of survival of the fittest, so relatively safe. However, as the “master” bitcoin author AndreasAntonopoulos said, users will always remember such a lesson:

“No matter how trading platform becomes safe, you can not give up control to the private key, the private key is equivalent to the lost bitcoin.”

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