Santander launched mobile apps based on the Rebo Wave network in four countries

nRunaway Comment: Rebo is a payment solution in the area of ​​blockchain, but the company’s business actually split into three pieces, one of which is xCurrent for payment. Although the company said that there will be several major traditional remittance companies that will adopt this service, it has been criticized for not covering the XRP network native token. However, the service utilizes end-to-end tracking and bank real-time communications to deliver and confirm transaction information as quickly as possible, demonstrating superiority over time-consuming cross-border payments. Recently, Santander announced that it will adopt the service and has developed a mobile app based on its underlying technology and will launch the cross-border payment application in four countries.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Santander announced the development of a mobile app based on the Rebo Distributed ledger, which is the largest customer ever achieved by Rebo.n
Santander has been an 18-month app pilot for its internal staff, supporting Apple Pay payments of £ 10 to £ 10,000 ($ 14 to $ 14,000). The company’s 2017 earnings report shows the app will be launched in Spain, Brazil, the United Kingdom and Poland.n
Customers can use this app to make cross-border payments that day, in less than a minute. The app also offers digital wallets, personal finance managers and peer-to-peer payment assistance.n
Bank spokesman said:n
n”We plan to release this app in the coming months, and we can confirm that the project will use xCurrent news.”n
nRexroth’s xCurrent products do not use Rexroth’s native cryptocurrency XRP.n
Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripo, announced the news to Twitter fans that the app was released this quarter.n
Billion dollarsn
Judging from the current market capitalization, last month, Rebo spent $ 84 million in XRP from nearly a billion dollars in reserves in January.n
Last month the company won a billion XRPs, meaning that the remaining 900 million XRPs have been back in custody in January. The funds were returned to custodial accounts through two transactions, with a value of $ 756 million for the $ 9 billion XRP as of press time.n
Under a series of smart contracts, 61 billion of the company’s $ 51 billion XRPs will enter custody over the next four years.n
Rebo’s hosting design is designed to increase people’s trust in XRP. As Rebo’s own currency, and even limit the developers to hold, to prevent a large number of selling tokens caused by the price plunge.n
One billion XRPs are released each month for internal use in the company. Although in the past Rimbaud used an average of 300 million XRPs per month, it seems that the use of corporate tokens is getting smaller and smaller, at least from this data.n

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