Save the block chain technology can not rely on bitcoin: Amazon into the correct position

The water brother

Amazon to enter the blockchain message will be regarded as a sign of the field of active technology. Because before this, IBM and Microsoft will have the block chain technology as a new method to solve the supplier problems, the cloud computing market leader Amazon apparently unable to maintain a wait-and-see attitude.

Amazon senior executive Andy Garcia in last year had questioned the block chain technology really is required to meet the customer’s things, but now he changed his mind. In this year’s re:Invent 2018 keynote, Canwest announced a new product Amazon management block chain news.

Amazon launched a new service Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) is a central trust and complete management authority of the ledger database. The service’s predecessor as Amazon elastic cloud computing its EC2 record transaction service, now available to customers for transactions or other functional requirements need transparency, safety record. Majason said that through this service, the database can perform more than the usual two to three times the transaction.

On the QLDB website, Amazon more in-depth introduction to the new database:

Amazon QLDB is a new type of database, save the complex development work to build a similar ledger application for users. When using QLDB, the data record is immutable (cannot be changed or deleted), using the database encryption technology, users can easily verify the application data generated by no accident modification. QLDB use the transaction log to track changes in each variable application data, and keep changing with time complete and verifiable history. QLDB is easy to use, because it provides developers with the document data model is similar to the SQL with API, flexible and full support for the process. QLDB is the localization of the server, so it will be automatically extended to support the user’s application requirements. No need for additional management server, there is no need to read or write permissions for additional configuration.

In addition, Amazon also launched with the support of the work of the AWS Managed QLDB Blockchain service. Amazon Managed Blockchain is a fully managed service, users just a few clicks block chain network setup and management can be extended. The product for customers create block chain network overhead required, and automatically extended to meet the application needs to run thousands of millions of transactions.

Following the IBM, Microsoft, Amazon in the field of large-scale deployment (non monetary Technology) means that the technology giants began to really pay attention to block chain technology application. But in the time node, instant encryption currency suffered environmental extrusion, Amazon still saw extensive use of block chain technology opportunities.

In recent years, leading encryption technology as currency block chain applications by excessive market stir, suffered a cliff downward trend this year, bitcoin lost nearly 70% value in 2018 years. After the market and this course of the whole industry, including the market more rational investors should be able to see the direction and block chain technology to adapt to the nature of the potential.

All the signs indicate that the encryption technology is not the main monetary motive forces block chain technology process, before the market once has been misunderstood, but with the use of the technology giant product service technology is increasing, the block chain will be more applied to computer network software application level, so as to serve more Internet derivatives. In fact, many people in the industry at first view has been pointing to this, but their voices temporarily covered by stir over the market concept.

Landing in the block chain, Amazon reacted fairly quickly, and the edge of the future of computing networking market or will be the main battlefield of Amazon and Microsoft.

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