Sci-fi books in the Ben Cong before the mention of the encrypted currency

nnnnThe first kind of encrypted currency is published in 2009, but before that time, there have been many science fiction works mentioned in the virtual currency. Such as Cryptonomicon, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, Future Imperfect, and even the currency of the currency. So the future development of science and technology potential is still great.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nThere are a lot of money books, but most are not science fiction. Today we will shuttle the science fiction stories related to Bitcoin. The popularity of encrypted money is increasing, making many authors use this as the theme of the work.n
nBut if you search for encrypted money related science fiction works, you may see these three works stand out.n
nNeal Stephenson’s Cryptonomiconn
nThe Cryptonomicon was described by some as “profound prophecy”, a thrilling novel that travels back and forth between World War II and the World Wide Web. The book describes the military events and drama of the historical facts, the integration of the author’s own vision of the future.n

nThe novel refers to the transformative influence of Bitcoin. In the November 5, 2002 issue of the work, he predicted that at the beginning of this century there will be encrypted currency.n
nThis book contains all the relevant content: crack the mysterious code, put forward the creation of “data paradise” (Southeast Asia easy storage and exchange of encrypted data location) concept. The weird plot is a mixture of satirical descriptions and bold jokes, but some people find it hard to read.n
nSome years ago, the author met Roger Ver, the investor of Bitcoin Venture Capital, who also upgraded the handset system.n
nn”I just helped @ Clockchain by Cryptonomicon author Neal Stephenson created his first Bitcoin account.”n
n- October 6, 2013 Roger Vern

nCory Doctorow’s Down and Out in the Magic Kingdomn
nThe next book we looked at was the Cryptonomicon year after the December 5, 2003 issue of the Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, which was considered a collection of Dennis Paradise and Haunted Mansion.n

nThe novel refers to the prestigious Whuffie currency used in the scarcity economy era, which is similar to the bit currency, and of course the more Whuffie money is, the happier it is.n
nThe novel says that even if a civilized society has sufficient resources, the Whuffie system has advantages and disadvantages. Defects give some people a bad influence, reminiscent of some real economic system.n
nAnd everyone in the novel has a brain chip that makes it easier for the machine to control people’s consciousness. These machines can replace people thinking, immediately tell them the social status of other people. This system can track how everyone gets Whuffie.n
nAfter the author publishes the tweets, “Whuffie will be awesome currency”.n
nAfter ten years of the first novel, Cory Doctorow posted a special currency of ATMs on the tape, which was much like the novel.n
nnBitcoin ATM

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