“Science and technology” post bitcoin fell below $3500 mark; Microsoft apple as the world’s most valuable company

Bitcoin fell below $3500 a month 8 2017 year low

In November 25th, according to media encryption currency Coindesk data show that the price of bitcoin in Beijing time 18:30 below $3500, hit a new low since August 2017. After the rebound, as of press time over $3800.

Since the 11 month since 14, bitcoin prices continued to fall into the channel, the current has fallen to 40%.

According to Bloomberg analysis, because the currency circle infighting and exchange confusion, so supervision started to increase, the United States Department of justice recently began investigating the end of the alleged manipulation of bitcoin cases. And after the U.S. Securities Regulatory Commission issued “on the digital asset securities issuance and trading statement” may also be the cause of the crash bitcoins.

For the price of bitcoin future trend, analysts have different views. Some analysts believe that $3500 is the price of bitcoin inflection point. Some analysts believe that bitcoin prices will continue to fall. “In the short term bitcoin prices next year 1 month fell to $2500” Oanda Corp, Asia Pacific head of trading at Stephen Innes in an interview with Bloomberg News said. He thinks that if bitcoin continues to fall, panic will encourage people to sell, but not attractive as other encryption currency assets as investment.

Sequoia Capital: 2018 transcripts were acquired and listed investment companies market value amounted to 1000 billion dollars

According to “the Silicon Valley Business Journal” reported that this year, Sequoia Capital acquired was listed and the total market value of enterprises has reached 100 billion US dollars. The U.S. Group reviews, a lot of spell listed is Sequoia Capital in this year’s masterpiece, in addition to the United States cloud storage company Dropbox listed in March this year, the survey provides online services in large software company Qualtrics was recently acquired by software giant SAP. These stars IPO and company mergers and acquisitions were made of Sequoia Capital harvest.

The upcoming 2019, also will be a year of harvest. It is reported that the three Unicorn company Sequoia Capital Investment Airbnb, DoorDash and Medallia are expected to be completed in 2019 IPO. At present, Airbnb valuation of more than $30 billion, DoorDash $4 billion valuation, the valuation of more than $2 billion Medallia.

Microsoft more than apple to become the world’s most valuable company

The 11 23 April in midday trading to close, the market value of Microsoft officially more than apple to become the world’s most valuable company. At the end of the day, Microsoft’s market capitalization of $753 billion 340 million, Apple’s market capitalization of $746 billion 820 million, Amazon’s market capitalization of $736 billion 620 million, Google’s market capitalization of $725 billion 520 million.

It is worth mentioning is that Microsoft and Apple’s market capitalization of last intersection occurred in 2010, when the two companies are valued at about $200 billion.

Microsoft beyond the market value of apple, in part because of its performance data than expected. Microsoft’s latest earnings report showed that 2019 in the first quarter revenue of 290.84 billion dollars, an increase of 19%; compared with a net profit of 88.24 billion dollars, an increase of 34%. Among them, Microsoft transformation in recent years, the strategic center of gravity Azure cloud computing business revenue growth of up to 74%.

Analysts expect Microsoft’s cloud computing business can continue to maintain high growth, and the probability of this type of business fluctuations in most cases is very low. Therefore, the performance of Microsoft is still able to maintain steady growth in the future.

CEO Hou Yi talk horse box “label door”: the management work is not done

November 24th, Hou Yi Ma box of fresh CEO again publicly on the “label” event public apology, “this thing itself is our management is not done, it caused the result today.” He said that the box of fresh horse does not evade the issue, will actively take responsibility.

The “label” event in November 17th, Shanghai consumers shopping in the box horse fresh store, found the shop staff in finishing carrot cabinet, will be a few days before the label, for the printed label. Events after fermentation, the involved employees were dismissed after the general manager stores, Ma Shanghai district was removed from the box.

Hou Yi said, “the label” incident is unable to avoid the rapid development of enterprises in the future may also have a lot of things, the door. The new retail management system of box horse spent two years building in the national implementation, ensure “copy out” is the organization guarantee of box horse, horse box also must do.

The “black five” net sales of $6 billion 200 million, an increase of 10% intelligent mobile phone number of visitors

After the 11 Chinese double ended, the other side of the United States ushered in the year’s biggest shopping festival “black Friday”. According to the statistics report of research firm Adobe Analytics show that the $62.2 billion Black 5 online sales reached a record, representing an increase of 23.6%. Analysis of the report, part of the reason may be the shopping commodity type change, more items for home appliances and furniture.

It is worth noting that, in the sales network, with more than $2 billion from the sales of intelligent mobile phone. The number of consumers from the mobile terminal over last year compared with an increase of 10%. Adobe analyst Analytics said that this is because retailers have greatly improved the shopping experience of consumers in the mobile terminal.

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